Judging based on what?

It’s easy to judge people and situations based on how you see it. It’s easy to just get to the surface but what about the details? Would it hurt to ask first rather than consuming yourself with the assumptions you already made based on your prejudices upon a certain person and a situation? People often misuse the brain God gave them. People let go of what’s rational ever so easily and jump right in, head first to their own conclusions without providing the benefit of the doubt, without the understanding that maybe, just maybe something came up that’s why a certain something had to happen?

We are made complicated by our creator. We are given free-will and the right mind to be able to discern and give the better judgment to ourselves and other people on a daily basis, for as long as we exist. We use our own judgments for the betterment of our lives, for the decisions and choices we have to make, but why don’t we use it for the good? We often use our judgments for criticisms, something to hate, something to give off our negative vibes. People these days would assume whatever the heck they want to assume without real basis. Without the facts, just pure prejudice, pure stereotype. Asking then has been shoved at the back of the shelf and has long been forgotten, it will only occur when a person already finished judging but sees a different element. That different element I am talking about is when other people tell them off. “No judging” I say often but people do not let it sink in to them, they will judge you, your actions, everything you said, everything you did just because they think what they think about you. They don’t get to know you and your culture, your attitude towards life, the way you think. That’s why you are judged by them wrongfully!

Do you know that when you judge other people easily, you hurt their feelings? People are not here to prove you wrong, people are here to live for themselves and life aspirations. Not FOR YOU. Not for you to be pleased, not for you to like them.

I feel sad when people jump right into their conclusions and wrong judgments.

I never saw someone who died just because they asked and needed to know something.

I feel sick to my stomach when people judge VERY EASILY without knowing WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. There’s a huge difference from judging and asking what happened. I do not know why some people get confused and find themselves lost in translation.  So how would you feel when you are judged right away without being asked?

Judge me based on my answers to your questions. Not based on how you see me.


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