I’ve run this over and over again in my lifetime but I guess mastering it is not the easiest to do. I have written about this over and over again but I guess it’s really hard to grasp something especially when you’re someone like me—someone who wishes to live in peace without being judged, without being disliked, without being hated.

I know I am not born to please people and I know I wouldn’t be able to do that no matter how much I try but I’ve come to realize why something like my attitude exists.

You see, it’s not all bad and brutal. I am not living to please other people, it’s just that I don’t want to be hated. I do not want people not liking me. Okay so how do I differentiate this without sounding unreasonable?

So I do not go on my day just to please everyone. It’s not like I live to make sure other people like me. It’s just that I do not want people to hate me for something I did. Maybe it’s related, maybe it’s almost the same. But I don’t do things just so other people would be pleased, I want other people to be pleased with whatever I do. WHICH IS TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE and it sounded as if I’m an absurd brat?! LOL. Oh my god. But okay, going back to what I was actually getting at.

I feel like I just want a happy place to live in. I don’t want criticisms and judgment. I feel like acceptance should be the key in order for someone to be happy. But sadly, acceptance isn’t being given a lot lately. People imply their beliefs and people feel like they need to be on top of other people (this sounded so gross but let’s not take it literally) lol. I mean I just really like people to like everyone! It’s so hard because we are made with a whole lot of differences yet no one seems to acknowledge that difference cause everyone implies their own beliefs not respecting the beliefs of other people?

Now I am bursting with emotions so forgive me and let me simmer down a bit. lol


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