How do I say this without being judged, without sounding bitchy and without negativity? You be the judge but I shall write this (and I will write about this over and over again if I have to)

A little background for my friends outside the Philippines: You see, in the Philippines, I do not know why but everyone is so conscious. No one goes to the mall wearing jammies. Everyone here dresses up and is very conscious about what other people will say. It has a lot of weight but no one seems to be too bothered I guess. However, there are boundaries and I as I grew older, I realized I need to voice this and put it out there for awareness and other people’s perspective.

Growing up in a country where everyone is conscious, I was exposed to Filipinos dreading our natural color. Majority of us Filipinos are born with Brown skin. An array of light brown-brown-dark brown-super dark brown etc. There are Filipinos with naturally fair skin, some even have white to yellow skin.

I don’t have anything against skin color and all that but this culture needs to be changed. I mean im the Philippines, we’re naturally dark skinned yet I get to be told as to how dark I am. I get told to not wear a certain color because “it doesn’t look good on dark skinned people”, I also get asked not to wear a certain shade of lipstick because then I would look “darker” than I already am. I have family and friends told me this and I am not trying to attack anyone at all but people these days shall not look at skin color as a basis of beauty, elegance and intelligence. It is only here in the Philippines (I’m not sure though) that I see people put money for skin whitening, it is only here that I hear people not wanting to be “tan” because it’s “ugly”.

To get it out there, stop caring about how my skin looks. I love how brown I am. I am even proud of it. I flaunt it and I am not ashamed one bit. I don’t even care about the unnatural “natural” whiteners you guys use so stop talking to me about skin—what to do and what NOT to do with it.

Embrace your own identity and color. Beauty has nothing to do with skin color. Intelligence, talent, beauty, capabilities does not revolve around skin color. Make up, clothes, shoes are not based on skin color.

THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO KIDS SO THAT WHEN THEY GROW UP THEY KNOW WHAT TO SAY AND DO. We are all so overly exposed about what skin color SHOULD look like when in fact I am in my own country where BROWN skin is NATURAL. I mean, I am so confused why people tell me I look dark? I mean SHOULDN’T I LOOK DARK IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE?

So please, how do we teach society?

  1. Stop caring so much about physical attributes – This is an all-time favourite cliché people. Everyone seems to want to say that physical appearance is secondary but no one or only a little actually believes it? Physical attributes are just physical attributes. It’s a mere and shallow basis of things more important.
  2. Respecting individuality and uniqueness – Everything falls under individuality. If you feel like dark skin is not very pleasing in the eyes, then shut up. Not everyone thinks that fair or white skin is beautiful anyway. For the record, I don’t even say something about how people keep using whitening products and keep wanting to attain perfect white skin so shut up about my naturally brown skin already. Okay?
  3. The world does not revolve around beauty – Maybe when you are younger you care so much about how you look and what other people might say about you, well now, news flash: The world does not revolve around beauty, it doesn’t revolve because you exist. It simply revolves because of the laws of nature and not because a person is pretty or ugly.

How do we teach society about all these? Because it’s so alarming how people blurt out a lot of things without proper education—sounding ALWAYS ALWAYS EVER SO POLITICALLY INCORRECT?

*eyes rolling now*


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