Woah There. Didn’t See This Change Coming!

I always believed that I will stay as I am. Okay, I cannot explain but let me try.

So I made myself someone who would just stay in the comfort zone. I hated meeting new people, I didn’t want to talk and even start a conversation. If someone is friendly around me who tries to talk to me and have a “good” conversation, I would cut it short, shut that person down by my lame excuses, my busy figure. Everyone who may have known me for a long time know that I didn’t like new people at all. I don’t warm up very easily and I let my own (stupid) judgment(-ality) get the best of me.

I’ve said a couple of thousand times before that I was once a friendly person and I didn’t know what happened as to why I wanted walls. My walls are way up and that I don’t let my guard down very easily.

Things changed very gradually (at least based on my memory)

The moment Pokemon Go was launched in the Philippines, my officemates (every single one of them) have been Pokemon hunting and I am included. I guess that’s when it started. I started talking to them, I even joke around with them and I didn’t even realized I was making friends! I mean I didn’t care about my own existence here in the office. Like as long as I am doing my job, I’m okay. I didn’t care about being in a group. I didn’t even mind eating lunch alone! My officemates are semi-friends though. Even before the time I actually joined them, I talk to them occasionally.

I was being very sociable compared to how hermit I was!

Then our vacation came. During the River Rafting, we met a lot of other people and there were 2 people in our raft that we didn’t know. (The River Rafting requires at least 5 people in one boat + boat men. So we didn’t have a choice. During the whole river rafting, we were able to build a friendship. We talked about random stuff and just enjoyed the whole thing even if we were complete strangers. I even managed a couple of personal conversation and now we are all Facebook friends mind you. LOL.

Guess you’ll never know when change is going to take place. I guess everyone is bound to change one way or another.


2 thoughts on “Woah There. Didn’t See This Change Coming!

  1. That’s great you were able to meet friends that way. Pokemon Go is HUGE by me too and my husband and I have met some people that way too. I’m the same way where I don’t like meeting and talking to new people. It seems to require so much effort, sometimes too much for me.

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    • I know!!! And I totally agree with you, I feel like it requires so much energy, time and effort when I need to talk and interact with people. Now, it’s not so bad (but I’m still sorta introverted haha)


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