White (brown) River Rafting and Dahilayan Forest Adventure aka ZipLine!

When we came back (really toasted) from our Camiguin trip, we ate an amazing dinner at a place in Cagayan De Oro, Misamis Oriental called Countryside Steakhouse. The steak there was delicious and very affordable. It’s cheap for the quality I must say. It could cost thousands of pesos but they just sold it for 500-700 pesos. WHAT A GREAT DEAL.

Yummy yummy dinner. First good food I’ve had since our trip.

So that night, after dinner, we walked around the city and the boys—Kyx and Lyndon, found a great excuse to play Pokemon Go. They were able to catch a good amount of Pokemons!

We went back to our hotel and binge watch Stranger Things (because Lyndon have not seen the series yet) while drinking beer.

Next morning, we woke up early for our White River Rafting. It was supposed to be “white water” but it rained and some soil erode and it became sorta brown. Kind of like flood water look alike. It is fresh and clean though. Boy oh boy this river rafting is AMAZING. First, we met new friends. Second, we enjoyed it so much. It was dangerous because there were rapids or river currents that are too strong but we survived anyway! Let’s just say Kyx and I fell off the raft one time because the current is toooooo damn strong and our guide, I feel  like they wanted someone to fall off the raft anyway HAAHAH.

When I fell, I felt like I was in a huge washing machine, I know how to swim but I panicked and I felt like I was drowning! For some reason, I blacked out and I was not able to think clearly. The goal I had was to not fucking drown when in fact I should’ve thought that I will not drown because I have a life vest HAHA. I guess panic got the best of me. Lol

The river rafting lasted for 3 hours. Which got my skin all toasty and hot (and now, I have bad sun burn but I look super brown and I guess people from the other countries would love the color but Filipinos would find me “dirty looking”) After the river rafting, we ate lunch care of Great White (the one who provided the River Rafting package). Delicious and fab meal! Nothing fancy, but very yummy.

We then went straight to Dahilayan Forest Park. It was a 3 hour drive (including bad traffic)

The moment we got there, we flew “through the wire”. It’s a zipline place and I got really scared flying through the metal wire. One Zipline lasted for about 1 minute and it was gorgeous because you would have a great view from the top!

It was also our last activity because the next day, we will be flying back to Manila.

Our Cagayan De Oro, Camiguin and Bukidnon trip was one for the books. It was an amazing trip and I hope you guys can visit this place and see for yourself whatever the heck I was talking about. It was really amazing. It taught me a lot of things (which I will be writing about) it was an amazing experience!


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