I am back from my 5-day vacation!

Okay, so let me tell you guys about it. Kyx wanted to go on a vacation because he has never tried a “full vacation” that means going to a really far place that requires an airplane kind of vacation. So 6 months ago, when there was a promo airfare domestically (here in the Philippines) we booked for Cagayan De Oro. We were also joined by our friend Lyndon. The 3 of us didn’t know what to do and what awaits in CDO, however, we saw a lot of blog posts and pictures about Cagayan De Oro, Bukidnon and Camiguin.

Fast forward to our trip.

Kyx and I saved for this trip. We worked hard for everything and this little trip is our sort of reward. Plus a birthday treat and an anniversary trip (we are now on our 2nd anniversary!) In short, this trip is a one time big time thing!

Our flight to CDO was 2 hours delayed. We are so annoyed but what else can we do? When we arrived, we were booked at a very cheap hotel because early the next day will be our trip to Camiguin.

Cagayan De Oro city proper was 2 hours away from the Balingoan Port. From the Balingoan port it is 1 hour and 30mins ferry ride to Camiguin.

We were not really clueless because there are a lot of travellers who are ready to help, they are just one message away on Facebook by the way. (shout out to Marissa and Kathleen; the people I have been friends with via DIY Travel page in Facebook) I was texting them and asking them a lot about the trip, even the most trivial things! Seriously!

Our (cheap) hotel was inside the city proper terminal, which means we have easy access to transportation. There were lots of drivers and vans that offer rides to our destination—Camiguin. We were able to ride the van easily and our trip began. It was a long ass ride to the Balingoan port. After a 2 hour drive, we arrived and bought our ferry tickets. We then ate brunch at an eatery, simple yet yummy food. We waited an hour for the ferry. When it arrived, we boarded the ferry and our trip lasted for about 1 hour and a half (or so). We were greeted by a driver at the inn we booked in Camiguin. When we arrived, we visited a couple of tourist-y place and it was okay. AT first, we were thinking it was all flop because I guess we were expecting too much (or we’re just terribly hungry for GOOD food?) We slept that night disappointed and tired.

The next morning, we went to White Island (OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, THIS IS THE CHERRY ON TOP. THIS IS THE SUCCESS AFTER THE STRUGGLE. THIS IS IT) The place was sooooo beautiful! The sand is amazingly FINE and the water is CRAZY BLUE! It is so good! Sooooo amazing!!! We took a lot of (flop and failed) photos and we really enjoyed White Island!

We visited Mantigue Island. The water is so clear and blue but the waves are strong so we were not able to swim. We also didn’t have a lot of time to go snorkelling but it was worth it. The two islands were amazing. It is beautiful. So damn beautiful!


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