Ultimate Vacation Taught Me More Than “Carpe Diem”

As I wrote about our experience about the trip we just had, I learned a couple of things which hopefully, I will bring with me throughout my existence.

I have learned that travelling requires patience and understanding. It’s like you are being driven out of your usual routine but the patience and understanding must always be there. Not everything will be handed to you easily. Time falters and it’s annoying but vacations are “fun” stuff but it has real things in it. By real, I mean money-time-trust-patience-understanding. All the adult stuff! It’s not like when you’re on a vacation, you have a pass on all the things you wish you could be, all the things you expect life to be.

I have learned that it’s okay to meet new people and make friends. I never thought I’d be friends with strangers. I am always picky with whom I talk to but travelling and this vacation in particular opened my eyes and view the horizon in a bigger level. In ways I can’t imagine, I have made new friends with total strangers and it fills my heart with joy and amazement. There are really lots of good people in the planet. I feel bad that I have always closed my doors to new people, but this trip made me a different person.

I have learned that it is okay to go away, far away from the things you usually do, places you usually visit. I am scared of travelling. I have like a million reasons and stuff that comes in my mind, like all the horrible things that can possibly happen in a trip? I can think of those! I always think of disasters and what could go wrong. If everything is smooth sailing, I would be so suspicious and await for the disaster to come and bite me in the ass. I always expect bad things to happen which then led me to shutting “travelling” far away from the things I hope to do. Now, I have learned that it’s okay! It’s actually an amazing experience to travel, meet people, learn things! I feel like I have accomplished a massive amount of things, bigger things!

In life, there really are things you thought you wouldn’t do, things you thought you wouldn’t have accomplished. Life is a big surprise and travelling is just the same!


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