Happy Anniversary, My Love

I am beyond blessed that aside from my loving family and friends, I have a sweetheart whom I share an amazing life with.Today marks another year of togetherness.

I have learned that relationship requires not only love, care, patience and understanding but also time, energy, effort, trust, faith, honesty, sincerity, humility. I take pride and I am not ashamed (no matter how long this written stuff is going to be) but I gotta say that you–being with me, us–being together is worth all the hurt we have experienced in the past. I have now been blessed with a person who

1. Is not ashamed to say sorry (even if I am the one who should say sorry anyway)

2. Calls me out for the mistakes I made without judging but honest enough to tell me HOW WRONG I was anyway.

3. Never gets tired of trivial things.. e.g. Driving me to and fro places, enjoys hanging out with my family and friends, plucking my pit hair when it’s too short for waxing yet too itchy for my life, cutting my nails for me etc..

4. Doesn’t think twice and leaves everything just so he can take care of me when I’m sick. He even cooked soup, drove me to the hospital, bought medicines and made sure my fever went down!

5. Understands PMS no matter how annoying it is.

6. Surprises me with a lot of things at random times!

7. Always tries to make me smile, comfort me when I’m sad, hurt or in pain.

8. Listens to my rants and always says the right things (even if those things are not what I wanted to hear anyway)

9. Supports me and trusts my decisions and instincts when it comes to life and other adult struggles.

10. Loves me no matter what. Even in my “auto demon” days aka PMSing version demon;level 999. It’s also bittersweet to know that it breaks his heart when he was not able to give me something I want at that exact moment (I’m talking about simple things like pan de sal, coco jam, big pillow, candies etc)
They may or may not know but you are the kind of guy that girls dream about. You are sweet and caring. Thoughtful, understanding, funny and amazing. You are everything nice and cute and I love you. Happy Anniversary DearDear!!



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