Ever “hated someone for no reason”?

Disclaimer: This is with regards my own experience and realizations. It may be different from other people at some circumstances so it’s all good.

I realized lately that “hating someone for no reason at all” is partly impossible and immature. We all felt irritated at someone because… because… because we don’t have enough reasons to do this so we let it fly by and just say stuff like “I hate that person and I don’t even know why”.

We definitely have a reason, it’s just too petty to admit or we’re too embarrassed as to why the unnecessary hate right? And let me clarify “hate” is such a strong word I know, and this shall not be taken lightly but.. this is just in terms of the expression (and my working title) (also why am I even explaining with sub texts and thought bubbles. Lol)

The bottom line here is that we don’t like someone because we judge based on the first glance, first experience, first impression. We don’t make an effort to know the person well enough before we even judge them.

I talked to my brother about this, I told him that I have disliked a certain person for no reason and I couldn’t accept that fact so what I did was I tried to get to know that person first. I felt so mature after this! HA HA HA HAHAHAHAH LOL. But seriously, I felt like a responsible adult. I quit judging and I made an effort to know that person first before settling which emotion I should throw next. Now, I am happy that I earned new friends.

You see, I have transitioned from “I hate you for no reason at all” to someone like “I am not sure if I like or don’t like you so let’s see how this goes”. Have you ever been in this position? Have you ever disliked someone so much and changed your emotions afterwards? This is like a breath of fresh air for me. I am changing so much and I feel like I am being a better person one day at a time. I don’t even notice this! I even felt being angsty, like “I love myself for who I am and therefore I shall never change my ways” then something happened, now I am more welcoming to the changes, I am more accepting and I am more than I was before.


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