Dwelling in The Past

In some cases, we really never forget about a lot of things especially if it has made a big impact on our lives emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It’s okay to never forget, to remember everything because in this process, you learn. However, dwelling is a different thing.

When you dwell in the past, it’s as if it’s not in the past just yet. It seems like you’re living with it right at this very moment which in reality, hurts and sucks big time. I am not just talking about bad things, this goes for the good ones as well.

You see, if for example you never got over how someone have hurt you and did you wrong, your heart will be filled with bitterness and you carry this burden for as long as you want. You’re not even benefitting from it because you’re not letting it go. You’re making it even harder for yourself because you never let yourself move forward.

Same thing goes for not letting go of that happy memory. I am not saying you should forget that. It’s great to keep it in your memory bank because then you’ll have something to smile at when you look back. But if for example, you have lived a beautiful and rich life then all of a sudden everything fell apart. Instead of you—moving and trying to adapt to your new state of life, you hold on so much to how you used to be, you live in the fantasy that you can still afford a certain thing (because you can totally afford it back then) but now that everything has changed, you have to be resilient and you have to go with the flow of life.

Dwelling in the past can do nothing good to you. It will only play with your heart and mind. It’s like living in a fantasy, in a sweet yet bitter lie. You just have to let go of it and move forward. You have to learn, you have to grow. You have to free yourself from all these.


10 thoughts on “Dwelling in The Past

  1. Easier said than done. After many years, close on twenty now, a betrayal by a close friend returns to haunt me in my dreams, when least expected and long forgotten, or so I thought, until that bitter spectral horror wakes me.

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    1. Maybe it depends on the gravity I suppose. I understand you and I am struggling so much because I keep dwelling on the past, it’s so hard for me to forget these things especially when it was so hurtful.

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  2. Believe me, Theatre, mine was life changing, a change I grasped and embraced, like a new best friend. But’s another thing about life, the past does come back, to thrill and to haunt.


  3. We can’t get over betrayal, I guess. Getting over little problems in the past is easy. But the things that changed everything in your life, those situations are hard to get over.
    But you’re right too. It depends on people.

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      1. I get it. To call someone Sir Dermott here, implies they’ve been bestowed some kind of Royal honour, a Knighthood, if you will. Since I live in the Republic of Ireland, no such ‘honours’ are bestowed and everyone’s ‘equal’. I learn something new, every day.

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