Avoid Talking Behind People’s Back

Everyone hates this but I know, everyone does this. It’s not always a bad thing but it could get ugly and bad sometimes so for the record, it’s always best to break a habit before it gets bad. I mean it’s not really a bad thing when you need to tell someone about somebody just cause you need to vent but if you keep on talking behind people’s back that it becomes a habit, it needs to be stopped.

You see it starts from a little rant until you start to enjoy doing it. When someone listens to you and you feel like it’s sort of your mission to keep everything juicy that’s how it gets bad.

So before talking to someone about someone else, make sure you really need to vent out, make sure it’s for a valid reason, for an important cause and not because you wanted the attention, not because you feel brilliant.

It’s so easy to develop this habit because everyone does this. Everyone talks about everyone else and it’s normal, but when you talk about someone and comment something rude or bad about them, it becomes ugly.

As much as possible, before opening your mouth and before commenting about someone else, think if this will matter in 5 years or longer, if not, then it’s not worth it.


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