Kyx’s Mini Surprise!

Let’s talk about light, simple and happy thoughts.

I did say that I surprised Kyx on his birthday didn’t I? If I haven’t, then let’s talk about it.

Tuesday, July 26, I suddenly thought that the only gift I could ever give Kyx is to give him a mini surprise celebration. Reason(s) being:

  1. Kyx is very particular when it comes to color, design and style. So it would be stupid of me to get him clothes, shoes or pants because he might not like it as much as he should.
  2. He doesn’t celebrate his birthday like a normal person. He’s very simple and simple things make him happy, that is why, I felt like he deserves to have a mini celebration.

So I thought of giving him a mini surprise celebration last Saturday (July 30, 2016) though his birthday is really on the 1st of August. So 4 days before the planned mini celeb, I texted our close friends and we fixed a couple of stuff. I told Kyx’s parents and we prepared for the surprise thingy. Friday night came and Kyx was asking me why I was always on my phone. Someone messaged me and he grabbed my phone and wanted to look at it. I was arguing and grabbing my phone back like my life depended on it! He got mad at me and he asked me why I seem to be hiding something from him. By this time I was so nervous because I feel like someone from the surprise team is asking me a question or texting me or whatever so I am afraid Kyx would find out about the surprise! So even if he will get mad, I needed to grab my phone back from him. He told me it seems impossible but he feels like maybe some other guy is texting me. I burst out laughing. I was so relieved that he didn’t think I was planning a surprise.

Fast forward to the surprise day!

After work, I was talking to Kyx about needing to buy a cake for my niece and some liquor for my brother’s send-off party. He obliged happily and I was so relieved! We were able to buy liquor and cake and I ordered sushi and California maki, asked them to deliver it to the house by 5pm, my friends bought the pizza that Kyx wanted. By 6pm, Kyx told me he needs to play DOTA 2 and I was so alarmed because our friends are still stuck in traffic! I asked Kyx’s family that we should surprise him now or he will be playing DOTA 2 the whole night! So we surprised him and by 7pm, our friends arrived. We played UNO, ate good food, drank and talked about everything we could!

It was a fun mini surprise and I wish I was able to plan it thoroughly cause it could have been better but nonetheless, it was good that our friends, even if their houses are so far away from ours, they willingly celebrated Kyx’s birthday!

I will be posting pictures in a bit! ❤


 (Apparently I have accidentally pasted the article I was finishing for work. So if you have read an article about a supplement, yeah.. That was it hahaha)


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