Wasting my Time, Energy and Effort

Do not waste anything for the wrong reasons.

I am guilty of wasting my time, energy, effort on things that do not matter. I want to live a happy life without obsessing over trivial things, without being too affected but I end up acting the way I shouldn’t. I try to work on these things and live up to my true values but it’s hard to keep myself in track.

I used to not care about stupid things, about dumb petty issues, now I don’t know why I obsess over these things. It doesn’t even make me happy or give me any benefit!

I guess I am struggling to find peace and happiness with myself. I have a lot of issues which I shouldn’t dwell on, I shouldn’t weigh a lot of things, I shouldn’t look for things that will only make me feel sad and disappointed. I get frustrated with a lot of simple things, I complicate things and most especially I hate myself for doing just every little thing I did (am doing) because I know how wrong it is.

Okay, this is so confusing right? But just look at it this way.

I know I am not supposed to obsess over small things, I know I am not supposed to complicate everything and I must try to be happy at all times, I shouldn’t be jealous and all that but I still do it even if I know I must not!

When I evaluate my life, I see someone who is happy but never contented. I see someone who excels in things she wants to excel with but it doesn’t seem enough for her. I see someone who wants peace but doesn’t find it within herself. I see someone who knows how blessed she is but still looks at the bad things and waste her time lamenting over these things.

I need to change. I know I do.


9 thoughts on “Wasting my Time, Energy and Effort

  1. That happens to me every freaking time y’know?
    I’ll tell you , just take it a lil easy sometimes emotions go spiralling out of control and the control freaks want everything to work out according to our own plan! But accept it, there are some things ,some answers which never unfold when we want them to. They take their own time ☺ and sometimes we need to just LET GO. Hard right? But need to do 😊

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  2. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to not be contented – that’s what makes you move forward and try new stuff. Don’t waste energy on overthinking things – deal with 1 issue at a time, it’s who you are that’s important…you are a human being not a human doing! So be your beautiful self 🙂

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  3. The thing about life is that we’ll always “want” or “long for” something no matter how much we have. It doesn’t always have to materialistic. It’s human nature. Don’t beat yourself up.

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  4. Great blog, very relatable. Any advice I could give you would be all these feelings of anxiety you associate with this doesn’t make you a bad person or anything. What it makes you, is a person. You’re human and a lot of other people feel like that too.

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