Understanding the differences of everyone else sounds so simple and easy but so complicated and hard to do. It’s one of the most divine things that when you learn to do, you will be free, happier and contented.

You see, everyone knows that everyone is different from each other yet everyone fails to accept this fact. Everyone fails to look further, to appreciate one’s self because everyone is so full of comparing and shit.

I am 25 years old already but I admit I haven’t even mastered the art of understanding everyone’s differences. I mean, I respect different views and opinions but it gets to me when the nature of a man is where I would usually find myself—being disappointed with myself because I am not as good as I should, I don’t look pretty enough, I suck at a lot of things and many other reason which I feel roots back from not understanding the difference between me and everyone else.

I came to a conclusion that I feel bad for myself because I feel like I should be as good as everyone else not realizing that there are flaws and there are awesome points in my existence!

I go back to embracing my insecurities and I feel better.

And I guess, when people have mastered the art of understanding everyone’s differences, we would all be happy and appreciative. No fights, no depression, no nothing!


8 thoughts on “Difference

  1. Hello. Now a loyal follower. I see where you’re coming from. You are brilliant at being you. Enjoy life. I’m almost 65 and I still don’t understand other folk much of the time. It doesn’t matter. Love is the answer. 😀😀🎶🎶🎻🎺🎹🎸🎷🎶

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    • Thank you so much for following and reading my thoughts. Well, that makes me feel so much better. I guess it’s never really meant for us to understand everything especially people 🙂


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