Stranger Things: I love you.

I cannot put into words how much I love this Netflix series! It is so awesome.

Well, if you haven’t watched it already, I’ll give you a little something about it.

  • It is a sci-fi/horror/mystery kind of series.
  • It is set up in the 80’s.
  • It’s like The Goonies but sorta different.
  • It is so freaking awesome. Go figure!! WATCH IT!

I don’t want to give a lot of details because I feel like I might spoil something but it really is an interesting film.

On the technical side, being a communications grad, I have a keen eye for media and other details which I will share with you. I loved everything about the set. From the tiniest details to the huge ones, you’d see the 80’s vibrating vigorously making it a lot more amazing. The fashion, details, props, houses, environment, EVERYTHING. The writers and directors, everyone in the production team seem like they really worked hard for it. Not to mention how good the actors were!

I know I am giving a lousy feedback and invitation about the show but you guys, it is really nice!!!


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