Saturday Craze!

Today is Kyx’s 25th birthday!

Last Saturday, I planned a mini surprise party for him and invited our close friends. Most of our friends were not able to make it due to it being last minute.

Let me explain though, I only planned it just 3 days before Saturday because I was trying to avoid people making a big slip, also I was not really sure if I shall surprise him or give him a gift.

I bought part hats and 2 pieces of “number balloons”. I also ordered his cake and did grocery shopping for the booze. I also had the mixed maki/sushi delivered by 5pm at our house. So in short, I did all these crap behind his back with little white lies! Lol.

His friends helped me pull this off and it was so amazing. His parents helped so much too, they even rented tables and chairs for the mini party!

It is so hard to pull off a surprise when we are together all the time. I had to tell (white) lies and sneak a few messages to our friends behind his back! All of our hard work paid off when he was successfully surprised and he’s so happy with what we came up with. It was just a simple mini party but I guess everyone enjoyed and went home happy.

I’ll post pictures in a while.


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