Happy Birthday, Sushi Boy!

Today is a special day. If you know me long and well enough, you would know how much I suck on birthdays. I remember the dates but I don’t really like celebrating birthdays and I am too awkward to greet people and sometimes, I feel like people don’t want to be greeted a happy birthday. It’s just me and my weird thoughts so try not to mind it. However, today is a special day because it is Kyxarie’s 25th birthday! Yes, the first of August! So refreshing right?

Let me dedicate this post (although I usually write about him and the things I love about him that makes me look like a googly eyed cheese ball lover which I hopefully am not) to Kyxarie then!


Like what I wrote before, I have known him for a very long time and we were friends since then (2007). I developed a little crush on him as much as I hate to admit it. I am all for mysterious people, quiet, shy but smart. That’s how he is. He seems faraway but connected at the same time. I love his ironies and his existence. I feel like I’ve seen his metamorphosis, his progress, his coming of age. He changed so much but he is also the same guy I knew and loved!

Let’s talk about how wonderful he is as a person, a partner, friend and all his roles in everyone’s lives:

  1. He listens very well.
  • He makes sure that he listens when you need him to listen. (although guys have this attitude wherein you wouldn’t understand if they are really forgetful because sometimes they don’t remember you—telling them how it should be.)
  1. He is a very good friend.
  • He supports his friends and he’s always there when he is needed. He is entertaining and a thoughtful person. He remembers his friends when he’s having a good time, thinking it will be an awesome time had we invited his friends in a particular event whatsoever.
  1. He is an incredible son and brother to his family.
  • He is always there to help them whenever they need support. He cares about them a lot more than he says.
  1. He is understanding and kind.
  • In general he is the most understanding and kind person I know. He tries to understand everything and remains reasonable and rational all the freaking time (especially when I am going ballistic over something)
  1. He is an awesome partner to me!
  • He is my best friend and I am his best friend (I am not just inventing this. I have confirmed several times lmao) he gets me, he knows me so damn well that I cannot hide anything from him.
  1. He is patient.
  • Imagine a 25 year old woman throwing a huge tantrum at 1 in the morning over something so trivial and petty? Yes, that’s how I am sometimes and he doesn’t lose his shit over this. He tries to be understanding and is very patient with me even when I do not deserve it (most of the time I don’t deserve his patience lol)
  1. He rarely gets mad.
  • In connection with his key attitudes—patient, kind and understanding, he rarely gets mad. He doesn’t use his energy and time to get angry over silly things (like I always do). He tries to be as chill as he could because he likes his life to be happy and stress free!
  1. He cares about me SO MUCH.
  • It is only natural for him to care about me but his cares so much to the extent that when I need him, he wouldn’t think twice. He would choose me over a lot of other important stuff (like work and whatnot).
  1. He is honest (even if it hurts)
  • He tells me the truth no matter how heart wrenching it is. He makes me feel alive and real so I think this is good for me. He does not lie (even if it’s the best option).
  1. He knows me well.
  • He knows everything about me and the catch is he accepts me for who I am. This makes me really happy and appreciated. He is amazing!

I bet there are other awesome boy friends in the world and Kyx is not the only one but I am so glad and proud that I am sharing my life with a wonderful person.

As he turns (turned) 25 today, I want him to appreciate life more than he ever did. I want him to be happy always because that’s what he deserves. I want him to be able to pursue his dreams and to not be scared when things don’t go the way he wants it. I want him to be the person he is and to continuously be a blessing and an inspiration to everyone he knows.

I am grateful that he is born because you know what, I have said this before and I will say it again. He is the living proof that dreams do come true. I only ever thought he would be my “one that got away” and I will be looking back thinking “what if I ended up with him?”. I only ever dreamed about him and now, I really ended up with him! It is a blessing and it makes me believe that there’s such thing as fate when it comes to meeting the one true love of your life.

Happy Birthday Kyx! I hope you will feel extra happy today. Another year is indeed another blessing. I love you and I will always be here for you no matter what.


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