For Kyx

8 years ago we met at a very strange fun school. We were never really that close but I guess you gave me an importance and value as much as I have given you.

We were in that awkward phase in life and everything seemed too awkward for our lives. We were both enjoying and unsure. Happy yet uncertain. Childish and never matured enough for big things, like let’s say, love.

During the last legs of high school, we never really had a chance to build whatever friendship we started. Boys are boys and girls are girls. Too awkward for a 15 year old, that’s us.

In college, we parted ways not knowing what our future holds and what we were getting ourselves into. Nonetheless, I am happy with how much we both changed personally and grew to be the people we were now.

We met new friends and got acquainted with different people. We were exposed to a lot of different things and it made us better if not worst. We only had sneak peeks of our separate lives, updates and tiny bits and pieces of our new persona. We were both happy with our lives but I often wondered when will our paths cross again.

A year after graduating college, time and fate worked very well together and made us see what we were both missing. We accidentally saw each other in a place both of us are so unlikely to be found. That new mall, that crazy long ice cream shop queue, that odd movie you were bound to see, all of which are part of Time and Fate’s plan!

I was still the same awkward 15 year old you first knew but all of it went to dust when you hugged me. I guess you got so excited that after a long time, we saw each other again.

Part of my soul is telling me that I should not let this moment pass, I should not let you go away like we both did 8 years ago. I knew, I just knew I had to make a move because I know, I just know this is something big.

After that weekend, we planned to go see a movie. Then after that weekend, we planned to go see more movie. Until.. I guess we both realized that we have been prepared for this. It is now or never. From then on, until this very day, even 8 years ago can say, the butterflies are still there and they aren’t going away.


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