Art Filled Saturday! (EDITED!)

I am going to write how my Saturday night was filled with Art and passion. I would also be posting pictures in a bit! I am so excited to share my fun experience. *to be edited*


Let me write about our friend—Isadore “Loloy” Lerio’s art exhibition last Saturday at Art Underground in Shaw Blvd (it was a 2 man art exhibition). I was excited because I will see our artist friends and I know it’s always a good time with them. They’re fun, quirky and amazing people. Now, thinking about that night, I am regretting the fact that I was not able to take photos especially of their paintings!!! I guess I was so excited with everything that’s going on and I forgot how I was going to blog about it and share with you guys Loloy’s painting!

Anyway, I have a few photos of his artwork and some photos with the artist friends which I will be posting here.

The name of Loloy’s (and Thirdy’s) art exhibition is “Beauty in Decay”. I was not able to read the write up about it but I am taking it as a ray of positivity. An optimistic energy and approach on terrible things. It was so inspiring.

Loloy’s art was so timely for my search of positivity amidst all the hell-ish things that has been going on. I found it truly significant in everyone’s life and how I wish you guys would be able to see his art too (sadly, again, I was to blame to not be able to take great pictures of it all)

I also found the write up which Art Underground prepared for Beauty in Decay

                Beauty in Decay is a two-man show that necessitates the significance of finding beauty amidst unfavorable circumstances. Artists Isadore Lerio and Thirdy Bustamante present their individual complementing views on the subject through new works in oil on canvas at Art Underground which opens on July 23, Saturday at 6 PM. The exhibit will run until August 6.

Isadore Lerio creates portraits composed of flora and fauna that seamlessly fused on a deteriorating head. By using flowers as the portraits’ prominent feature, Lerio directs the attention of the viewer towards the gratifying elements of his portraits despite it coalescing with objects that suggests the departure of vitality. His new works communicate an optimistic perspective towards troubled times that can be likened to the search of silver linings amongst the clouds.

On the other hand, Thirdy Bustamante approaches the subject by bringing animal welfare to light. “If you want to protect a photo of a loved one, you’d frame it right?” Bustamente says. By relatively framing endangered animals he is able to invite audiences to looks at the bigger picture regarding the state of these animals. In hopes to convey the need to protect a dying breed of species.

AU is located at 814 Balagtas St., Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. Reach us at 721 0745 or 0917 523 7463. Email:
IG: @artundergroundmanila

(Please note: This write up was not written by me and was prepared by Art Underground. Thank you)


Now, I will be posting the photos (the only ones I have) 🙂

See The Blessing Not The Burden

All of his paintings are vibrant and inspiring.

Ignore my awkward self and the awkward beer bottle I am holding

Me and Loloy, the artist behind these amazing paintings!

Posing with Kyx together with Loloy’s artworks!

With some of our artist friends. All so funny and amazing people!

Hopefully, I can get photos from Art Underground as well.


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