Weekend Favorites!

Weekend Favorites!

Hello my dear friends. It seems that I have been writing updates about my life and nothing really with sense at all right? I know! I should write more and I promise, I promise to really do that! But now, let me finish my weekend favorites first!

Although Sunday is not over and I still have a few more hours to spare today, I shall write about my Friday and Saturday. This is really juicy but I plan on sparing details so I could write about it more in a different post.

Friday Night – It was our last hangout with Kevin since he will be going back to Australia tomorrow (Monday). Once and for all, it was nice to be with these amazing high school friends. It’s not even half the class but it was still fun nonetheless. We drank and played charades. We laughed and talked and it seemed like the time was never enough for our life updates.

Saturday – Kyx picked me up from work. A lot happened and then went back home. Took a nap. Went to our friend’s art exhibition. Kyx is an artist and so are all his friends! Eeeep!! I got to hang aout again with these artist friends of ours and it was really fun. The diversity and difference of everyone, the passion that burn through their soul emanates in their eyes and their language. It was so inspiring.

Got home around 4 in the morning and I felt like a college student once again.

Now, I am writing this and I am going to write about what “happened” after work!


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