Faith in Humanity, Restored!

You’ll always have your faith in humanity restored one way or another.

Kyx came to fetch me at work yesterday (Saturday) around past 12 in the afternoon. I was about to get off of work when my boss told me that he needs to talk to me. It’s about my regularization and whatnot (It’s all good news but I don’t want to dwell on it at the moment) while Kyx was waiting, he turned the car engine off and when I came down, I opened the car and he was looking so frustrated and I was wondering why? He usually would wait for me even longer without getting mad, so when I got inside the car he told me to get out because the car engine wouldn’t start. I WAS LIKE OHHH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? So it was all of Azul’s (Azul is the name of our car) antics and he just didn’t want to be a car at that moment so Kyx was getting all worked up because he said he tried it several times but it still wouldn’t start! A lot of things were running inside my head, I didn’t want Azul to not work because I love him so much and oh God I didn’t want for us to pay for the towing company if ever Azul wouldn’t really let up! So after what I felt like forever in 5 minutes, a Marshall was now walking towards us (a BGC Marshall is a traffic enforcer in Bonifacio Global City, the place where my office is at) so he talked to Kyx and he even pushed the car. It still didn’t start, then he asked if we want to call for a repair guy or something. So he used his radio (like the walkie talkie kind) and after 2 miniutes, a vehicle that reads “security” came and 2 other Security people went out of the car and asked Kyx what was going on. They were apparently security people but they are knowledgeable enough to help us with Azul. They instructed Kyx to do something and then they pushed the car and then the engine fired! OH GRACIOUS LAWD I was so happy! I wanted to cry and hug the 3 men who helped us. There isn’t much I can do so I videotaped them and ask them their names. They were so helpful and genuine. It wasn’t even part of their job to do that (or was it part of their job? But whatever) They were so kind to us and I am glad that these kind of people still exist! There were a lot of people passing by and looking at us even before the marshall approached us and not of them seemed to care. I guess they thought we can handle it or anything but I am glad some people offered help without even asking anything in return. God bless and good karma to these people. If you have encountered someone having trouble with whatever, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they need anything, or if you can do something for them. In this world filled with cruelty, it is such a big deal when people are genuinely good to other people, to strangers. It pays to be kind, ya know 😉



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