Story Time!

After work last night, I was excited to go down the building knowing Kyx was waiting for me at the lobby. We would usually wait for each other after working hours then we’d drive home. I was excited to tell him how I was feeling very okay and positive even if there were lots of crazy moments. As I was inside the elevator, I was thinking about my positive energy and how thankful I am that despite whatever, I’m still okay and that there were lots and lots of things to be happy about. The moment I saw him, I decided to tone down my energy and not get over excited. Sooooooo fast forward when we got in the car. He broke the news and told me how his shift was about to change this coming Monday. I didn’t know what to think or feel because my mind is racing to everything that’s about to happen. The change that was about to take place. I don’t feel like it’s the end of the world but too much change without preparation always drives me nuts. It’s crazy.

Now, I shall learn how to deal with all the drastic changes without being dragged to a big black hole of sadness.

Anyway, let’s think happy thoughts this time.

I’ll share with you what transpired last Sunday!

I came to hang out with my high school buddies. After high school graduation, we never really saw each other regularly. I guess I am only realizing the impact it has done to people, I mean to our feelings. Because we pretty much spent a lot of time together then all of a sudden, we barely talked and see each other! We’ve all been so busy with our lives, some even went abroad! After graduation, I can only count in my fingers the time everyone from my batch saw each other. Of course my best friends and I still saw each other regularly, but our other friends were a different case. A week ago, our good friend Kevin went back to visit. He now lives and works in Australia by the way. So we made it a point to make ourselves available hence the Sunday night party at his house. Thankfully, he lives in the same village where Kyx and I live, so it’s approximately a 5 minute drive from our place. Our other friends went as well and it was a fun chill get together. It is so amazing to have spent time again with the people you know all your life! Like we spent stupidity together, we spent a lot of years together and I can say they were my childhood friends. It was so fun! We reminisce and even looked at our old photos together. Everything was so different but everything feels the same!

It’s always nice to know that there are people whom you have spent meaningful moments with and that it wouldn’t tarnish through time. These are golden memories and I am grateful for it!

We have another get together on Friday (Tomorrow) before Kevin leaves for Australia again. It will be a great night again!

Xox, Thea


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