How Is It Not Even Over Yet?

So I promised to write as soon as I got home but guess what? Things turned a bit sour again.

So you know, Kyx and I have a very convenient time going to work and houng back home everyday because our schedules meet. Like we both have 10am shifts. Now, he was told he would be working from 8pm to 5am!

This does not only mean our schedules do not mean. This meant not going to work together, not saving gas, not saving money and time. Not seeing each other EVERYDAY. Wow.

I am feeling okay right now because Kyx is looking for a different job (even before his shift changed) He’s working as a web designer but he wants to be an illustrator or game character illustrator whatsoever.

So how is my problems not over yet. I’ve been starting to face problems rolling in and out for the past weeks! My golly.

But right now, I am okay and I am having an easy time at work anyway. There’s always something to be thankful for. Always.

Xox, Thea


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