What’s up!

I have been missing out on a lot of writing. I guess I have been writing and never publishing stuff I wrote because it’s either I thought I have published it or I forgot to really publish it. Whatever it is, I have been so busy lately with a lot of stuff and I can’t even compose myself anymore.

I am confused more and more each day about everything that has been going on in my life.

I have realized that I have only been 25 for 3 months and I am now being bombarded with a whole lot of new shit from adulthood.

  1. Family problems – my family has a tight close bond but we have a lot of differences which cause conflict. I don’t really want to dwell on these conflicts because at the end of the day, we can get through it anyway. I know, I just know.
  2. Health problems – I was writing this one yesterday but since I had an appointment with my doctor, I wasn’t able to continue it. So here’s what happened, I went through a lot of ultrasounds and tests and nothing is serious nor complicated with my case. I just have like an egg inside that did not pop (it’s a girl thing) so I need to have meds for 6 months but I as assured that the meds wouldn’t do harm and that what I am experiencing now is totally normal. This makes me so happy and I can finally lose all the weight I have been gaining yassss!
  3. Work – Work is fine but you know how it is. Working so much but getting so little pay. That’s always the issue anyway. Nonetheless, I still love what I am doing.

I will be writing more about what my life had been for the past weeks or days. Hoping everyone is doing well and don’t think I have gone inactive. I am just soooo busy with life but I hope all these would calm down for a sec so I can continue blogging!

Xox, Thea


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