It’s one of the days that even if I keep seeing Kyx’s face (every day) I still want to see him some more. I mean I cannot wait to get off work so I can see him again and I can listen to the radio with him or sit beside him and do nothing.

Okay, aside from all that sappiness, I will talk about how I enjoyed my weekend.

You won’t believe it (unless you’re one of the few people like me) but I would rather spend my weekend in my bed, drinking good coffee or tea while reading a book or while writing something random. I would rather hang out with my family or just chill with my friends while we complain about getting fat and being so caught up with work. But this weekend in particular was something different!

Last weekend, I was feeling very positive as of late, I even worked overtime for 3 hours (take note) ON A SATURDAY. I was supposed to have a waxing appointment but the wait time is about 2 hours so Kyx just picked me up from work. It was raining so hard and the traffic was really bad. The moment we got home, I ate my lunch (it was already about 5pm and I have not eaten lunch which was crazy). Then I read a chapter from “Library of Souls” (written by Ransom Riggs and this is the 3rd book from the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) I have been delaying this book because I love the series so much I can’t let go of it! Anyway, I took a nap then I went ahead and met up with my high school friends. We had unlimited Margarita and we went to the famous clubs here in Manila (It was my VERY FIRST TIME to step foot to a club) it was really a spontaneous and fun night! I went home around 4am and slept like a sad person cause I was too tired from everything but my heart was happy!

Sunday night, Kyx and I went out with our friends. We went to this Fil- Mexican place at Kapitolyo. Everyone was lining up and waiting to be seated so we decided to go to a chill kind of pub called St. Patrick’s (I think) and they drank a pint of beer. I didn’t because I was trying to detox (I kinda drank 10 glasses of Margarita the night before so yeahhh) After about an hour, we walked back to Silantro. We waited for roughly 5 more minutes before we were finally seated. It was so worth it though because the food is amazing. I love love love Silantro! We ordered Beef Nachos and Burritos. EVERYTHING TASTED SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD I even forgot I was on a strict diet! (oops!!)

That weekend was one for the books I guess. I loved every bit of it. Mostly, I would hate something when I decide to leave the house and regret it afterwards. This is one of the rare times that I actually loved everything without complaining or hating myself or wishing I was curled up at my room reading a good book! So below are the pictures to sum up my happy weekend! (If you are not seeing the photos yet, I am probably still editing lol)

How about you guys? What do you think about trying to do different fun things over the weekend and coming out of your shell every once in a while? I feel like this particular weekend was liberating for me! It is good and bad in some ways but nonetheless, I enjoyed everything!


Together with my high school besties. 😍

Cheers to friendship! 🍻

A couple of Margaritas through the night 😙

Inside Valkyrie 🙌🏼

At the Palace Pool Club (we were so awkward we didn’t know how to party!)

Kyx and I 😙

Beef Nachos! (The best Nachos I have ever tasted!)

Dinner with these amazing guys!

😁 😍 😘

I realized that sometimes, you just have to let things flow by itself, go with it and enjoy every moment. It is a good time to be alive. It is amazing to be alive!

Also, I have been so caught up with work (I knowww it is driving me crazy already) so my apologies for the sudden MIA and rare visits. I promise to make my rounds and make up for you my friends here. Also, I would get to the Blogger Recognition Awards wherein my friends nominated me. I swear I am so overwhelmed and happy about it. I just have to get around doing it. Maybe I shall do it tomorrow! I am really sorry, please don’t feel neglected. And guys? I am alive okay! Hope everyone is doing well.

Xox, Thea



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