Positivity is Key

You know what, being stressed all the time gave me WEIGHT GAIN, Acne and stupid hormonal imbalance. So I realized, it pays so much to be happy. Not only for your emotional stability but for your physical and mental well-being as well. I noticed that the more stressed I got, the worse I look. Not because I am frowning and all that, I just didn’t have lots of energy, I gained so much weight and I hated a lot of things (which I normally didn’t care about). I didn’t get to sleep well, I kept thinking about a lot of stuff, I got so bitter, there’s so much hate going on, too much negative vibes to say the least! I didn’t feel good about myself, about how I look and I simply hated everyone. Until such time that I realized I wasn’t like this! I was such a happy person back then. I never dwell so much on negative things and I always have a will to find a solution to my problem. I realized how I lost focus on the good stuff and I partly regretted being like this. I felt like I lost a lot of good times because I let negativity tried swallowing me and my happy personality.

I tried to be more happy, I tried to let go of my insecurities. I tried to be a better person every day and it’s not easy but it’s not so bad after all! I taught myself more patience and understanding. I learned to love myself more and I realized being positive is the root of all good things. I wouldn’t be able to start trying to be happy if it wasn’t for some speck of positivity right? So I say, positivity is the main key to whatever shit you’re going through. When you dwell on positivity, when you believe on the good things life has to offer, when you embrace flaws and struggles, you will be happier.


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