Just because.

Today is a holiday in Manila and this is the only day I have which I can spend with my family.

So I will spend some time updating you with the days I have missed out on. I am very sorry but life has been terribly busy and annoying lately. Now let’s see.

(I tried making this one 9 hours ago according to wordpress but then my family decided to have a mini barbecue so we spent some time together)

Okay, I shall post photos of what happened to my life for the past days. To sum it up, my days were different shades of crazy (but I can’t complain because life is life and if it was just all fun and game, then it wouldn’t be life)

I just realized a lot of things lately and I am trying to be more positive than I ever was. How about you guys? What have you been up to, your recent realizations and what are the things you have been working on? ❤

xox, Thea


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