How To “Adult”

A guide on what you would learn, lose, gain and achieve when you are a proper adult. By “proper adult” I mean when you reach your 20’s and you’re working.  The moment you are balancing career and getting your shit together.

Well yes, the cliché older people told us when we were younger “the real world is so much harder than you think” is after all, true. I wish I prepared myself for this. I mean I know how much shit everyone would go through but I didn’t know there are a lot to deal with when you finally step into adulthood. Here, I will write my true and personal experiences. You may be able to relate to some of the things, you may also have different experiences so let me know about your struggles and we’ll laugh at ourselves. Lol

When I was in high school, our teachers told us that high school is the most fun phase we could ever have. They said college is totally different but no one believed it until we were all struggling in college.

College was like high school but ten times more serious than EVER. The professors wouldn’t care whether you’re sick or not, they wouldn’t care what you do with your life just as long as you get your shit together in class. During my time in college, our professors would often tell us that the real world is a WHOLE DIFFERENT place compared to where we were at the moment. We have to be prepared and that we always have to be on our A-Game!  I guess we sorta listened and hoped for the better but after college, no one was ever prepared to take on with life in a different angle.

  1. No one told us that after college, looking for a job you actually want is close to impossible. At first, you get to get a job you WANT but not for long. Cause the basic human needs, need to be addressed. You just can’t go hop along and do whatever the heck you want if it means your pay check is lower than your everyday allowance back in college. So after a fun working experience, you venture to a job that pays you higher than you thought but really kills your spirits. In short, no one ever said that you don’t get whatever the heck you want working wise.

I have worked a total of 4 jobs and I handle an independent clothing shop that Kyx and I own. (it’s a 2 man business which means we handle everything on our own without other people’s help) My first job was a technical support representative for cable company in the US. It was soooo hard because I was young and I didn’t even want to be working there in the first place. I get a decent amount of pay check but I didn’t like what I did. My 2nd job was for a Canadian mobile company. I LOVED IT THERE SO MUCH. I gained a lot of friends, I was on top of my game, I really enjoyed it I loved everything. Benefits and pay check whatsoever. But the thing is, I wasn’t going to let myself get too comfortable with that. I wanted something where I can use my skills in writing, where I can be passionate. It was hard to leave my friends there, my boss and my work. I really loved it there and I cried so many tears because I love my job so much. I had to let go of that and choose something where I can use what I studied in college. While I was waiting for a job, I worked as an English tutor for Chinese people. It was easy, the pay is decent, no benefits. I knew I cannot stay there for long because like I said, I left my amazing job because I wanted to pursue my passion.  Then I am here, a copywriter. Oh yes, I love to write, I love what I do but… *sigh*

2. No one said you’d lose friends. It is true that as you grow older, you get to weed out and weigh who stays and who goes. You are of your right mind now and that means deciding when to let go, when to give it another try and when the friendship is over. You’re matured enough that you know what you need and sometimes, these “friends” are not included in that. It could be heart breaking but this is the part of your life wherein you realize that people really do come and go.

3. No one said your responsibilities are endless now. You are responsible for yourself now whether you like it or not. You are responsible for everything now and you cannot just depend on other people because now, you EXIST. You’re not co-dependent anymore and you have to work your ass off because nobody is responsible for you anymore.

This is just the first part of my HOW TO ADULT guide. It is really an exhausting life but you will get used to it.


8 thoughts on “How To “Adult”

    1. Wow! Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you were able to relate to it. I hope life wouldn’t be too hard on you though. But if everything’s tough, I am here for you. xox

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  1. This is all so true! I certainly went through high school and college firmly convinced I could have everything I wanted, and was shocked when adult life hit and I suddenly had to learn how to compromise! It’s wonderful to be told to “dream big,” but it might have helped if someone had said to “dream realistically”–so many parts of life are slow, and it takes planning, perseverance, and patience to get to where we want to be!

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  2. Great post! I totally can relate. I always thought a required in college should be “Post Grad” because no one is really prepared when they get out.

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    1. True! And like there are a lot of things we thought would happen, like the sky is the limit but then you end up rolling on with one sht after the other. lol


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