Hectic Weekend

I will make a photo summary of my Saturday and how it went.

Woke up early for my doctor’s appointment. When I called the doctor’s office, her assistant said she might be running late so Kyx and I decided to have breakfast first. While we were waiting, I went ahead and worked out for 25 minutes. I have this workout by Shaun T. It’s called Focus T25 and you just have to workout for 25 minutes. It was hard but it was satisfying to say the least. So you do that every day for 25 minutes. I had backlogs at the start of the week so after my doctor’s appointment, I went ahead and worked out again for another 25 minutes. After that, took a bath and woke Kyx up so that he could start getting ready cause we have a dinner with friends.

Went to Eastwood and met up with our friends. We ate at Sambo Kojin. That’s one of our favourite places to eat at! The food was delish as always!

Went home and then I worked out again. Please do not think that I am being a work out addict now cause I was just making up for the back logs. You see, everyday you have a specific workout to follow. When I fell ill, I think it was on Wednesday or Thursday, I wasn’t able to work out so then I had to make up for the day I missed!

So today is Sunday and I am writing this real time. Haha. I just finished my Sunday work out and I am now eating whole grain crackers. This whole weight loss thing is such a (fcking) struggle!!!!!! I cannot say enough how hard it is to go back to your old weight, old body. Not to mention I have this whole hormonal imbalance thing that makes it EVEN HARDER to lose weight! Oh, so the hormonal imbalance thing I have shall be okay probably after 6 months. So yes, I will be going under medication for 6 months and I am not very thrilled, though I know it’s for my own good. My gosh. No one said adulting can be soooo crazy at times!


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