Wow. Wow let’s see what happened to me over the past days lol.

I pretty much cannot remember some of it but the previous days were hard to manage. It’s like one bad thing happened then everything that follows after that becomes bad as well!

Thursday – It was date night! We didn’t do date nights on week nights but the 30th of June was an exception. We drove to Tomahawks and ate wings and steak. It was a nice dinner.

TODAY! Woke up early for my doctor’s appointment then went to the dentist afterwards then went to a sonologist to have my results. We also had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. It was okay. The day was hot and slow so I am happy that I stayed calm all throughout the day! We also managed to clean and fix our room once and for all and I am happy with the result!

Tomorrow, I have another appointment with the doctor and then I think I might go out to have lunch or dinner with friends. I hope it’s a good day tomorrow.

Ooooohhh I also had been sticking with my workout (yay!) so I hope I lose all these weight I have gained since December! I may also have hormonal imbalance because I have been on a very very strict diet and workout for the past 3 months yet nothing is happening. Sooo yeah, I’ll found out tomorrow!

What have you been up to? I hope all is well with everyone!


8 thoughts on “Heya!

  1. Love hearing about your days Thea! Great that you’ve been sticking to your workout! If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you (a fitness instructor told me that once) let us know the results about your possible hormonal imbalance! I was on a protein shake diet for 3 months and lost 1 kilo 😂 don’t you just love when your body doesn’t want to cooperate with you? X

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    • Wow!! That’s good to hear. I hope you’re happy with your weight loss. Gosh, I don’t want to sound vain or whatever but this weight loss is really hard 😦 Thank you so much! Your comments always make me smile ❤


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