For Kyx

8 years ago we met at a very strange fun school. We were never really that close but I guess you gave me an importance and value as much as I have given you.

We were in that awkward phase in life and everything seemed too awkward for our lives. We were both enjoying and unsure. Happy yet uncertain. Childish and never matured enough for big things, like let’s say, love.

During the last legs of high school, we never really had a chance to build whatever friendship we started. Boys are boys and girls are girls. Too awkward for a 15 year old, that’s us.

In college, we parted ways not knowing what our future holds and what we were getting ourselves into. Nonetheless, I am happy with how much we both changed personally and grew to be the people we were now.

We met new friends and got acquainted with different people. We were exposed to a lot of different things and it made us better if not worst. We only had sneak peeks of our separate lives, updates and tiny bits and pieces of our new persona. We were both happy with our lives but I often wondered when will our paths cross again.

A year after graduating college, time and fate worked very well together and made us see what we were both missing. We accidentally saw each other in a place both of us are so unlikely to be found. That new mall, that crazy long ice cream shop queue, that odd movie you were bound to see, all of which are part of Time and Fate’s plan!

I was still the same awkward 15 year old you first knew but all of it went to dust when you hugged me. I guess you got so excited that after a long time, we saw each other again.

Part of my soul is telling me that I should not let this moment pass, I should not let you go away like we both did 8 years ago. I knew, I just knew I had to make a move because I know, I just know this is something big.

After that weekend, we planned to go see a movie. Then after that weekend, we planned to go see more movie. Until.. I guess we both realized that we have been prepared for this. It is now or never. From then on, until this very day, even 8 years ago can say, the butterflies are still there and they aren’t going away.


Day 11: Stars

Looking at stars give me a strange but happy feeling. It is a continuous reminder of no matter how small the light is, no matter how little shine it gives, reminds you that there will always be a light no matter how dark everything would seem. There will always be a little light that would see you through until a brighter light comes to help you.

Art Filled Saturday! (EDITED!)

I am going to write how my Saturday night was filled with Art and passion. I would also be posting pictures in a bit! I am so excited to share my fun experience. *to be edited*


Let me write about our friend—Isadore “Loloy” Lerio’s art exhibition last Saturday at Art Underground in Shaw Blvd (it was a 2 man art exhibition). I was excited because I will see our artist friends and I know it’s always a good time with them. They’re fun, quirky and amazing people. Now, thinking about that night, I am regretting the fact that I was not able to take photos especially of their paintings!!! I guess I was so excited with everything that’s going on and I forgot how I was going to blog about it and share with you guys Loloy’s painting!

Anyway, I have a few photos of his artwork and some photos with the artist friends which I will be posting here.

The name of Loloy’s (and Thirdy’s) art exhibition is “Beauty in Decay”. I was not able to read the write up about it but I am taking it as a ray of positivity. An optimistic energy and approach on terrible things. It was so inspiring.

Loloy’s art was so timely for my search of positivity amidst all the hell-ish things that has been going on. I found it truly significant in everyone’s life and how I wish you guys would be able to see his art too (sadly, again, I was to blame to not be able to take great pictures of it all)

I also found the write up which Art Underground prepared for Beauty in Decay

                Beauty in Decay is a two-man show that necessitates the significance of finding beauty amidst unfavorable circumstances. Artists Isadore Lerio and Thirdy Bustamante present their individual complementing views on the subject through new works in oil on canvas at Art Underground which opens on July 23, Saturday at 6 PM. The exhibit will run until August 6.

Isadore Lerio creates portraits composed of flora and fauna that seamlessly fused on a deteriorating head. By using flowers as the portraits’ prominent feature, Lerio directs the attention of the viewer towards the gratifying elements of his portraits despite it coalescing with objects that suggests the departure of vitality. His new works communicate an optimistic perspective towards troubled times that can be likened to the search of silver linings amongst the clouds.

On the other hand, Thirdy Bustamante approaches the subject by bringing animal welfare to light. “If you want to protect a photo of a loved one, you’d frame it right?” Bustamente says. By relatively framing endangered animals he is able to invite audiences to looks at the bigger picture regarding the state of these animals. In hopes to convey the need to protect a dying breed of species.

AU is located at 814 Balagtas St., Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. Reach us at 721 0745 or 0917 523 7463. Email:
IG: @artundergroundmanila

(Please note: This write up was not written by me and was prepared by Art Underground. Thank you)


Now, I will be posting the photos (the only ones I have) 🙂

See The Blessing Not The Burden

All of his paintings are vibrant and inspiring.

Ignore my awkward self and the awkward beer bottle I am holding

Me and Loloy, the artist behind these amazing paintings!

Posing with Kyx together with Loloy’s artworks!

With some of our artist friends. All so funny and amazing people!

Hopefully, I can get photos from Art Underground as well.

Faith in Humanity, Restored!

You’ll always have your faith in humanity restored one way or another.

Kyx came to fetch me at work yesterday (Saturday) around past 12 in the afternoon. I was about to get off of work when my boss told me that he needs to talk to me. It’s about my regularization and whatnot (It’s all good news but I don’t want to dwell on it at the moment) while Kyx was waiting, he turned the car engine off and when I came down, I opened the car and he was looking so frustrated and I was wondering why? He usually would wait for me even longer without getting mad, so when I got inside the car he told me to get out because the car engine wouldn’t start. I WAS LIKE OHHH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? So it was all of Azul’s (Azul is the name of our car) antics and he just didn’t want to be a car at that moment so Kyx was getting all worked up because he said he tried it several times but it still wouldn’t start! A lot of things were running inside my head, I didn’t want Azul to not work because I love him so much and oh God I didn’t want for us to pay for the towing company if ever Azul wouldn’t really let up! So after what I felt like forever in 5 minutes, a Marshall was now walking towards us (a BGC Marshall is a traffic enforcer in Bonifacio Global City, the place where my office is at) so he talked to Kyx and he even pushed the car. It still didn’t start, then he asked if we want to call for a repair guy or something. So he used his radio (like the walkie talkie kind) and after 2 miniutes, a vehicle that reads “security” came and 2 other Security people went out of the car and asked Kyx what was going on. They were apparently security people but they are knowledgeable enough to help us with Azul. They instructed Kyx to do something and then they pushed the car and then the engine fired! OH GRACIOUS LAWD I was so happy! I wanted to cry and hug the 3 men who helped us. There isn’t much I can do so I videotaped them and ask them their names. They were so helpful and genuine. It wasn’t even part of their job to do that (or was it part of their job? But whatever) They were so kind to us and I am glad that these kind of people still exist! There were a lot of people passing by and looking at us even before the marshall approached us and not of them seemed to care. I guess they thought we can handle it or anything but I am glad some people offered help without even asking anything in return. God bless and good karma to these people. If you have encountered someone having trouble with whatever, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they need anything, or if you can do something for them. In this world filled with cruelty, it is such a big deal when people are genuinely good to other people, to strangers. It pays to be kind, ya know 😉


Weekend Favorites!

Weekend Favorites!

Hello my dear friends. It seems that I have been writing updates about my life and nothing really with sense at all right? I know! I should write more and I promise, I promise to really do that! But now, let me finish my weekend favorites first!

Although Sunday is not over and I still have a few more hours to spare today, I shall write about my Friday and Saturday. This is really juicy but I plan on sparing details so I could write about it more in a different post.

Friday Night – It was our last hangout with Kevin since he will be going back to Australia tomorrow (Monday). Once and for all, it was nice to be with these amazing high school friends. It’s not even half the class but it was still fun nonetheless. We drank and played charades. We laughed and talked and it seemed like the time was never enough for our life updates.

Saturday – Kyx picked me up from work. A lot happened and then went back home. Took a nap. Went to our friend’s art exhibition. Kyx is an artist and so are all his friends! Eeeep!! I got to hang aout again with these artist friends of ours and it was really fun. The diversity and difference of everyone, the passion that burn through their soul emanates in their eyes and their language. It was so inspiring.

Got home around 4 in the morning and I felt like a college student once again.

Now, I am writing this and I am going to write about what “happened” after work!

Story Time!

After work last night, I was excited to go down the building knowing Kyx was waiting for me at the lobby. We would usually wait for each other after working hours then we’d drive home. I was excited to tell him how I was feeling very okay and positive even if there were lots of crazy moments. As I was inside the elevator, I was thinking about my positive energy and how thankful I am that despite whatever, I’m still okay and that there were lots and lots of things to be happy about. The moment I saw him, I decided to tone down my energy and not get over excited. Sooooooo fast forward when we got in the car. He broke the news and told me how his shift was about to change this coming Monday. I didn’t know what to think or feel because my mind is racing to everything that’s about to happen. The change that was about to take place. I don’t feel like it’s the end of the world but too much change without preparation always drives me nuts. It’s crazy.

Now, I shall learn how to deal with all the drastic changes without being dragged to a big black hole of sadness.

Anyway, let’s think happy thoughts this time.

I’ll share with you what transpired last Sunday!

I came to hang out with my high school buddies. After high school graduation, we never really saw each other regularly. I guess I am only realizing the impact it has done to people, I mean to our feelings. Because we pretty much spent a lot of time together then all of a sudden, we barely talked and see each other! We’ve all been so busy with our lives, some even went abroad! After graduation, I can only count in my fingers the time everyone from my batch saw each other. Of course my best friends and I still saw each other regularly, but our other friends were a different case. A week ago, our good friend Kevin went back to visit. He now lives and works in Australia by the way. So we made it a point to make ourselves available hence the Sunday night party at his house. Thankfully, he lives in the same village where Kyx and I live, so it’s approximately a 5 minute drive from our place. Our other friends went as well and it was a fun chill get together. It is so amazing to have spent time again with the people you know all your life! Like we spent stupidity together, we spent a lot of years together and I can say they were my childhood friends. It was so fun! We reminisce and even looked at our old photos together. Everything was so different but everything feels the same!

It’s always nice to know that there are people whom you have spent meaningful moments with and that it wouldn’t tarnish through time. These are golden memories and I am grateful for it!

We have another get together on Friday (Tomorrow) before Kevin leaves for Australia again. It will be a great night again!

Xox, Thea

How Is It Not Even Over Yet?

So I promised to write as soon as I got home but guess what? Things turned a bit sour again.

So you know, Kyx and I have a very convenient time going to work and houng back home everyday because our schedules meet. Like we both have 10am shifts. Now, he was told he would be working from 8pm to 5am!

This does not only mean our schedules do not mean. This meant not going to work together, not saving gas, not saving money and time. Not seeing each other EVERYDAY. Wow.

I am feeling okay right now because Kyx is looking for a different job (even before his shift changed) He’s working as a web designer but he wants to be an illustrator or game character illustrator whatsoever.

So how is my problems not over yet. I’ve been starting to face problems rolling in and out for the past weeks! My golly.

But right now, I am okay and I am having an easy time at work anyway. There’s always something to be thankful for. Always.

Xox, Thea