Day 06: Aftermath

When the thrill was over, the rush has subsided, my pulse is slowly steadying, my heartbeat slowing down. That’s when I know I am in the aftermath.

The butterflies are still there, I tried to blink for a dozen of times just to make sure I am not dreaming. The aftermath of the love bug came through and now I feel overwhelmed. Not tired, not restless, but my face is aching. All the smiling hurts and I keep gritting my teeth. This is the pang of joy I am in. The bliss. The nirvana. Everything in one roll! The reminder that everything hurts is always there.

You hurt your face when you smile too much, you hurt your feet, legs and toes for standing up and running way too long. But your heart is happy, you can practically hear it sing with joyous melody.

The aftermath of that tremendous love date.

The aftermath isn’t always bad and disastrous. It hurts but it’s a lovely feeling.


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