Halo everyone!

My Saturday work day is officially ending in minutes. I am excited!

Kyxarie (you pronounce that as kee-sa-ree) will be picking me up from the office today then we’ll do some grocery shopping.

We’ll also go on a date night later with unli steak and chicken. This is bad for me but I feel like I’ll just stick with chicken tonight (though the sound of unlimited steak is far more tempting than it should)

Nothing really grand for the weekend, as Kyx and I are saving for our anniversary trip this August (which I cannot wait to go about doing already) I think we also have plans with friends but I still do not know if it will be pushing through. I am not very keen on going out recently because I feel so tired all the time.

Speaking of painting, I had a nice time painting a few color swatches last night. I also wrote a few lyrics using paint and I plan on sticking it up our cork board! hihihi.  Also, I have been painting eyes and lips for the past few weeks and I still am not satisfied with how it looks. Guess I need to learn more eh?

I am just excited that work is finally over for the day (I have been working 6 days a week for the last 5 months and it is really not cute)

Let me know what happens to your day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend 😉

Xox, Althea


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