The Small Things With Big Impacts

In a long and serious relationship, you find yourself loving the person every waking day but you never realize the impact of this love.

Sometimes, we are all too busy to notice the important things. Sometimes what we found funny before isn’t funny anymore. Sometimes we feel like we are grateful and appreciative of what our partners do for us, for the relationship but we don’t really ponder and absorb that much.

I found myself blessed and happy, I am with the person I have wanted my entire life for as long as I can remember. I have found someone who I really want to be with, I found someone to love who will love me as much as I love him. I have found someone who I can share comfortable silence without feeling awkward. I have found someone who shows me what love really should be.

Often, when we argue with our partners, we forget how blessed we are to have them. We forget how we were once very much grateful for this person and so we end up hurting them more than they deserve.

I found myself in a position where I didn’t want to see myself with my partner because of too much pain I was feeling. It was a petty thing, nothing serious, I guess my hormones were just raging. Nonetheless, I have hurt him and he didn’t deserve it. Of course I regretted everything after a few minutes.

When we get hurt, we forget the beautiful things. We forget what really matters.

Then I got to thinking, my partner makes me really happy all the time. He makes sure I am okay, he makes sure I am happy. He makes everything well for me. He makes living a lot easier, he makes life fantastic. He takes care of me when I am sick. I cannot count how many times he made sacrifices just cause poor little old me is sick. He also had times off work just to bring me to the doctor and had me checked! He never cooks but he made soup for me cause I was really really really sick. He carries my stuff, heavy ones. He rubs my back when I feel stressed, he whispers sweet stuff just to make me lighten up. He cracks jokes every now and then just cause he wants to see me laugh. He listen to my woes and never gets tired. He wipes my tears and pats my back. He never hesitates to be my true best friend. He tells me when I am wrong and especially when I am right. He lets me win arguments (just for the heck of it) He never ever gets tired to be with me. Sometimes I wonder what did I ever do to deserve a love like the love he gives me.

We are often blinded by grandiose gestures. The gifts and love announcements on social media and a lot of other stuff. We expect our partners to give us gifts or take us somewhere nice for dinner. We often look at other couples and compare how their relationship is going on for them versus the one we have. We often like to see grand stuff as well and so we forget how these small things matter. How the small things are really the ones responsible for making the relationship stronger.

The next time you are in an argument with the one you love, the next time you are debating with yourself—comparing other relationships to the one you have, try to go to your own happy place, the one in your heart. Search in there for what really matters and see for yourself how these small things make big impacts.


4 thoughts on “The Small Things With Big Impacts

  1. that was so heartfelt and beautiful put! like you just poured your heart out and this is what hit the page! ps dont be so hard on yourself it sounds to me like you are quite aware of what you have and appreciate it and one more thing hormones are evil liddle mofos!

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