Did Nothing and It Feels Good

Yesterday I was filled with a lot of sad and crazy emotions. Now I am chilling and I guess I had a good break from all the stress I have been dealing with. It’s really good to sometimes just sit and do nothing. I mean, yes writing is really a good therapy for me and I love love love it but today, I loved how I did nothing. I didn’t think about anything, I didn’t feel bad about myself, I didn’t hate my work, I just felt so free! When I ended work, I was at peace and all. I didn’t feel to anxious to go home, I am just REALLY chilling. This is a nice feeling ya know 😉

It feels good to not think about anything, to not feel anything even for just a few hours.

So, how did your day go? Hope it’s all good! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Did Nothing and It Feels Good

  1. somedays i think ‘aw im gona do nuthin all day and love it!’ then i try it and as im doing nuthin ive got laundry in the washer and emptied and refilled the dishwasher, taken the dog out fed the cat, washed the deck off, changed the sheets on my bed, made dinners for the next 4 nights, designed a new piece of artwork, iced my back, pulled some weeds, cleaned the frig and jeepahs crow the list goes on and on. its like im allergic to relaxing im not sure even why? hahaha! what the heck i want to have a day i do nothing i just always ruin it by doing stuff! but that being said im so glad you got to chill out and feel so good! xoxo

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    • oh bless you hahahaha. I had the same experience like last week. I was thinking oh good I won’t do anything today cause I am so tired of living such a busy life. I ended up fixing all the clothes, transferring it to the new closet, fixing old stuff, segregating the ones to give up and the ones to keep.. hahahahaha I hate myself for it but I felt relieved and satisfied after all the stuff so it’s all good. I hope you give yourself a break just like lie down, take a nap or something! If only we were neighbors, I’d bring wine and we can drink while watching a TV show or something haha xox

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      • no worries i took today off well kinda hahaa i love the feeling of accomplishment after a day of one small chore after another too! seems i sleep better

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    • I know!!! Sometimes I forget how nice it is to just sit down for a while and be as dumb as I can get. Like just sit and think of nothing, do nothing haha 🙂


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