I have absolutely nothing good to blog about. I am kind of worried to not be able to deliver a great piece but then I realized why I made this blog in the first place—it is to just go along with life and some days are just like this, blah and uneventful.

I have dealt with one heck of a rollercoaster ride when it comes to my emotions the past few days and I must say it was no fun AT ALL. Yes it was nice to be feeling good for once, then life reminds you how much it sucks so everything just blows out in your face just when you though it’s all fun and good.

Well last week I was mostly happy and found a lot of things to write about. Writing and all passion aside, I have been trying to be more friendly with people I don’t like so I don’t get too stressed out when they’re around (this is the hardest part for me because I have never been good at playing different roles) I mean if I don’t like you, it will really show. I wouldn’t need to tell you, but you definitely would feel it! It’s crazy. I found it difficult to mingle around people I don’t even want to see in the first place (but work is work so I gotta let up. Plus these people are “okay” I guess, I just don’t like them, their work ethics and everything about them)

Personally, I have a lot of adult problems going on. Bills, errands, family petty issues, clothes, friends, relationships, shoes, I don’t even know what’s up anymore because everywhere I look, I see trouble! Speaking in a sense that it isn’t necessarily bad, but everything needs thinking and honestly, I don’t want t think about a lot of things anymore. It’s like my brain is working overtime and they’re being underpaid and a few brain cells are about to submit their resignation letters and go away for good because I get them to work a lot these days and it is not easy mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually!

I guess I gave myself a reward when I decided to not think about anything at all today and I just let myself do what I want! Well not the whole day, I still thought about a lot of things but I really found it nice to just be able to exist for a few hours without thinking of trouble.

I want to write more tonight but I also want to do some painting. My watercolour pad is new and it’s really exciting me to sorta practice! Compared to Kyx’s artistic skills, I am no match. I wouldn’t even pass “student level” when it comes to painting, it’s unreal! But I am learning and enjoying the process. So toodles for tonight and I hope everyone gets to have an amazing weekend!

Xox, Althea



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    • Hi!!! Thank you! I know right, like adulting is stressing enough already then add all the bills that need to get paid and so on. I really admire you and how you keep up with life. You are so positive and I love it! 🙂

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