Fading in, fading out. Colors are always bending apart.

I learned in this life nothing is sure, everything is black and white.

It started from something and ends with nothing.

It’s all down and going.

My eyes are dry but my heart cries. Morning and evening, it’s never ending.

Your faith trembles, your confidence in despair.

Losing and winning, it’s all for nothing.

Happiness and sadness eats you from the beginning.

There’s darkness but you’re not afraid. It’s like your debts are paid. The feeling is surreal, you didn’t think any of this could be real. Life’s injustices linger, you don’t want to live longer.

All you want to do is forget, all you need is a sail and you’re set.

They say forever, when there’s in fact never.

The meaning of love is just a dream, it disappears in a whim.


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Thea, 26, INFJ (Turbulent) Always interested in other people's opinion on matters, ideas and random thoughts. I mostly keep to myself but I found that writing in this blog is easier than bottling my feelings up. Reading, writing, tea, coffee and wine are my favorite things. You can catch me mostly on twitter and instagram: @xoxthea make sure to say hello! :")

13 thoughts on “Heartbreak”

    1. Wow!! I don’t think my writing is brilliant but this really made my day. You’re one of the few who are so appreciative and it makes me really happy! 🙂 I have followed you and now I am lurking and reading your posts. May I know your name? Thanks for the visit! ❤

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      1. Oh okay, I was just asking cause I want to address you properly haha. So then, how would you want me to call you? Do you have like a codename or something 🙂 x

        Liked by 1 person

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