For Once, Just Once

For once I want to be someone who is selfish and not think of you all the time.

For once I want my decisions to be my own and not decisions I made because I took you in consideration.

For once I want to feel how it is to be free from myself and not associate it with you.

For once I want to do whatever the heck I want without thinking if this will hurt you or not.

For once I want to be someone who is alone with no one else to think about.

For once I want to jump right in. Dive head first to things without thinking of anybody.

For once I want to just build my own wall without having to break it all over again to pieces just to let someone like you in.

For once, just once, I want to be nobody’s. I want to be nobody’s, not even my own.

For once, this once I want to free my soul from everything, anything.

For once, just once. Just this one time, I want to break away, move on and walk out from everything, everyone.

For once, just once.


20 thoughts on “For Once, Just Once

  1. I’ve always felt detached and never liked myself for it, but I’m still detached. It’s just the way I am and I’ve got over feeling it’s my fault. So, Thea, I’ve just read these two poems and I wonder,’are you busy?’ ‘have I dropped by at an inconvenient time?’ I’m joking. Let it rip.

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    1. Hello Dermott! I feel like I am detached as well to like everyone or everything but people don’t seem to notice *eyes rolling* hahaha. I am busy but I have a lot of feelings yesterday so I had to write it down lol. Thank you for reading my blog Dermott! I appreciate it 🙂

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      1. Keep doing what you’re doing, write honestly and ruthlessly. People do notice. I just don’t play the numbers game. I don’t wake up thinking what can I write that will please the most people, today. I just think, new day, time to write

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      1. its not easy but totally doable i have mastered solitude its one of my very best friends hahahaha!! i love being w me there is no drama just me and my crafts and artwork my weenie dog and good vibes its a little piece of heaven!

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      2. hahahahah! I like it when people enjoy solitude. I think it represents confidence and strength. Like you don’t need people to shower you with everything just to be happy and calmed down haha. 🙂

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      3. well ty so much for saying i will totally take that as a compliment! i have to say im very thankful i feel the way i do over it all i watch my daughter go off on her own and im amazed at her strength makes me think ive done something so right!

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      4. im sure your mom does! how could she not! you are a strong person who has no problem sharing who she is that is awesome!

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