The Five Stupid People You Will Meet

This is not to be offensive, this is for my friends’ well-being as well. This is something I have observed the moment I can think straight. LOL.

I have also used the word “stupid” because I really feel like it’s the most non offensive word to describe shitty people. Soo… yeah…

Stupid people you will meet that think you’re stupid:

  1. The one who thinks you are dumb, you don’t know anything and you’re an easy target.
  • Sadly, there are still some people who think so highly of themselves that when they see you’re quiet and all, they will automatically think you’re dumb and easy to bully. They think you will not stand up for yourself so they’ll give you shit anytime they want. Little did they know that you don’t give them attention because they’re not worthy. Though sometimes, you really need to stand up for yourself even if it means defending yourself from stupid people.


  1. The people who think they can play with your head and emotions.
  • They think whenever you listen to them and laugh at their jokes, you’re trusting them and you don’t know their real intentions. They think they can play with your head and toy with your feelings. These are stupid people that you don’t need in your life.


  1. The people who break your trust, says sorry then think you’ll trust them again.
  • They think that when you accept their apology, it’s all good. Nope. This is not play school, this is not kindergarten, we are in the real world now full of shit. Everyone knows this world is filled with a lot of shit and yet they still have the audacity to add up to that shit. So no, trusting is not easy these days. Once they decide to break it, break off. Forgive but never forget.


  1. The people who think they can tell you what to do.
  • These people have issues of their own and would want to see everyone bend over and break their backs just to gain satisfaction. These people think the world revolves around them and that you need to do whatever the hell they tell you to do as if your existence depends on them. They think and act like they’re better than everyone else.


  1. The people who think they can say everything they want with the mentality of “you deserve it anyway”.
  • Not everything people tell you “you deserve it”. Not everything they spit out is something you should hear. Give yourself some slack and try to distinguish what are the things you actually deserve and what are not. This will make you more happy.

There are a lot of stupid people you will meet in your lifetime. The catch is to be none of them. We all make mistakes, we push a little harder than we should, we are imperfect human beings but we THINK. We think of each other’s well-being, their feelings and emotions. Let’s always use our hearts and minds without being scumbags to each other. In this world full of stupid people who keep hurting us, let’s be better than them and let’s show them how to be human.


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