Day 03: Faces in The Street

Looking forward to something, looking down, going somewhere, going nowhere. Always thinking, never bluffing. Always serious, never laughing.

Some might be with someone, plastering smiles on their face with so much in mind. Troubles of today, troubles of tomorrow are nowhere to be found.

When you look at them, they look away. Everyone seems to be somewhere else, like they’re someplace else. Like their bodies are mere bodies, walking and walking. Looking clueless but looking sure.

How fascinating it is to look at faces in the street. It’s like looking at a sea of civilized people without good and bad intentions.

Not a care in the world, not a care in everyone else. Just looking somewhere, straight ahead or at their feet. Not looking at anything in particular. Carefree and never judgmental.

Then as easy as that, you forget them and you see a whole different set the next day. You see the void of their troubles and you feel their pressure but you know nothing, so you look away.


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