The Workplace is a Battlefield

It is a battlefield, something that can hurt you, pierce your little heart, break your bones and have it generate itself again, overwork your body, ransack your brain for creativity juices and knowledge. That’s not even it, it’s something that tortures you yet you still need and learn to love it no matter how hard it is to love, no matter how much you hate it. It is something that will push you to your limit and wants to kill you, but, not so much.

You will get to the extent wherein you really wanna die but it will just laugh at you and give you more pain and struggle thinking how have you gone this far and not died yet?

That is work and there are lessons you need to learn. You must remember though that these are coming from my personal struggle and outlook in life. These are my own so if you do not agree then we agree to disagree just the same, if you have something to add as well, you can free to do so! (it will be fun and interesting)

  1. Do not give them the satisfaction of seeing you fail.
  • There will always always ALWAYS be people who can’t wait to see you fail and breakdown. To see you go all under pressure and get affected by things. To see you stress out every single thing that concerns your job. It’s inevitable to feel all these but remember DO NOT LET THEM SEE YOUR DEFEAT. As much as possible, try your hardest to cope with everything, to push through, to carry yourself with pride. Never ever accept defeat when you know you can still do something about it. Whether it is an officemate or a boss, do not show them defeat. Do not show them that you are what they wanted to be—a failure of some sort.
  1. When you are being given a difficult task and you know there’s more to it than just getting the job done, DO NOT FCK IT UP.
  • Do not fck it up. Because some people give you difficult tasks just to see you give up on it and fail miserably. In connection with no. 1, you must not accept defeat, therefore you must do better than what you plan on doing. Make sure to deliver excellent work. This is the time to forget mediocrity; this is the time to show them you are more than something. This is but the time to shine and show them what you are capable and what you are truly made of.
  1. When people know you are under pressure already yet they still want to add up to your stress, MAKE SURE to show them you are not affected and that you can do EVERYTHING (even if it is breaking your entire body and soul).
  • Some people just add up t your stress because they are seeing you’re already having a lot of trouble. When people see you’re having a lot of difficulties at work, they wouldn’t all go like “Oh hey, she’s having enough trouble. Let’s help and not bug her instead”. Nope. That’s not how they are. Expect to encounter something like this “Oh hey, she’s super having a lot of trouble so let’s try and see if she can handle more… oooohhhh this is soooo exciting. Let’s seeeeee”. There there. That’s how they roll. So when they do that, be strong and do everything with grace. Try to finish everything on time. The more they see that their efforts of keeping you drowning doesn’t affect you, the more they will stop bugging you.
  1. Do not be so sensitive.
  • Not everyone at work will understand your emotions and sensitivity. Aside from the fact that maybe, they don’t want to see you sad, they do not care that much of your existence. Some people are not friendly enough with a kind heart to understand when you’re happy or sad. They just simply don’t give a damn about your feelings so do not get all worked up when they are not “sensitive enough”.
  1. The more they expect you to fail, the more you need to show them you will NEVER fail.
  • In connection with numbers 1, 2 and 3, you must really need to work harder. Because even before you start doing your task, they have already predicted failure and distaste. This is why you need to take it up a notch higher. Unleashing your best comes here.

It is difficult to pull yourself together at times like these especially when you’re battling with yourself, a lot of people around you and the negativity that surrounds you. As hard as it may seem, you have to keep your head held high with pride, dignity and passion. Never let yourself down in times when everyone is expecting your failure. Although it is essential to find strength from positivity, love and people who support you, it is more inspiring to seek your strength from people who bring you down. Get your sh*t together and see them as good challenges than negative ones. After all, they are the ones that actually bring out the best in you. They make you stronger when you feel weak, they make you better by stomping down on you and you have no other choice but to stand up to them. Turn this battlefield into your OWN arena. You control everything in this arena and no matter how many times people shoot you down, be strong! Be like Jon Snow in this world full of Ramsay Bolton(s) 😀


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