Day 02: An Open Door

An open door looks differently in way you can’t imagine.

It looks fairly different when you’re inside, standing by an open door compared to when you are outside an open door.

The thing in common though is the uncertainty, both freedom and restriction.

If you are inside, standing by an open door, you might be waiting for someone to step in, you’re not seeking but openly waiting for someone to come. It could also mean you want to step out but you’re afraid of what lies beyond the open door because all you see are bits and pieces of things and not the entire picture.

If you are outside, you are uncertain of what lies inside beneath the open door. You are feeling iffy yet you are curious what’s inside.

In a nutshell, an open door symbolizes a lot of things from different perspectives. As human beings, we symbolize courage either we decide to step in or step out.


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