Slow Sunday

It was but a slow Sunday for me. I mean I was so stressed out at work, so tired about everything going on in my so-called “adult life”. I found it hard to concentrate and even deal with things without stressing myself out. I was always sick and tired but come to think of it, I shouldn’t be and I shouldn’t have felt this way in the first place because I was really having a good life as of right now and why do I even bother complaining?

I have a job which I wanted 5 months ago (and I hate it now for some reasons), it’s not high paying and all but I get paid for writing. Which is what I actually wanted from the beginning so why am I all of a sudden feeling shit about everything right now? Idk if it’s my hormones just raging or I really am in shit?

Okay, today, I am in such a good mood because for the first time after a long time, I am a bit perky and outspoken at work. I don’t talk to anyone here because I just didn’t feel I have to engage to people and now, I suddenly feel like I could talk to people. LOL.

GOIIIING BAAAACK TO YESTERDAY…. My weekend was quite fun. After Saturday work, I went to the mall with my mom to celebrate Father’s day with her. We ate at this chinese restaurant and had coffee at Krispy Kreme while waiting for Kyx. It was pretty uneventful but I enjoyed spending small things and errands with my mother. Sunday came and I did a lot of odd things. I was all over the place—the house! I was fixing clothes, cabinets then I started painting, then read the bible then read a few chapters from the book I was currently reading, then I went to have some tea while watching an old film called A Beautiful Mind which was really a good one I must say. Then after the movie, had snacks with Kyx.

All in all, it was quick and slow. I did a lot of things but I was just in one place trying to do something that might give me fulfilment.

Oh, I also read the blogs of my friends here. So… that was it! That was my weekend. How about you guys? How did your weekend go? Do let me know or write it in your blog. Some odd reason is, I find personal little ramblings very interesting.

All in all, I hope your weekend was well!


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