Randomly Grateful

In person, as what I would always write in my blog, I don’t easily warm up to people. I am not scared of people but I just really dread small talk. I’m not thinking like “oh hey, a new person, maybe we can have small talk and find stuff interesting and then we can be friends. Let me go and check”. No. I’m nothing like that. I am more of a “oh hey a person. good. now, back to what I’m doing. bye human *looks away without even bothering a small shy smile*”. You know, people think I am snobbish and unfriendly but I am just really busy with what I am doing or I’m just really quiet. BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO TALK. That’s why. Haha. I am trying to justify why I don’t talk a lot but I can’t think of a really good excuse so forgive me.

But… here? In wordpress? Just a mere like and a small comment makes me feel really happy and I start considering you guys as my “wordpress” friends!

Especially  Lu , MumOf1 , Fernanda , Bharath , Kendall , Josette

I am really grateful for these people and all the other people who are here and very appreciative of my nonsense!

I hope we could be friends so just talk to me or even add me up on twitter or something. I am really friendly hahaha.


3 thoughts on “Randomly Grateful

  1. Thanks Thea!!! I am glad we are friends now!!! Don’t worry over people thinking that you are snobbish or unkind. Be who you really are! And never stop writing! You are extremely gifted at it! 😄

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