English Tea Shop

Okay, first of all, how is it even possible to have too many favorites for a tea flavor? Honestly, I am becoming a tea hoarder already because of English Tea Shop!!

I have yet to do a review for English Tea Shop teas but let me do this one first.

Before the weekend, I was so stressed out that I felt really bad about everything so it came to a surprise when my friend Vannessa (yes it is spelled that way) gave me a surprise teabag! It is the English Tea Shop Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple one and I loved it!!! Days passed and I was on a quest for that same tea but groceries near our house only have the normal ones. I tried looking for it at different supermarkets as well but didn’t have any luck at all! So last night, I asked Kyx that we try to visit Robinsons Supermarket, just a few minutes away from the house. We did grocery shopping first at a different supermarket then drove by the Robinsons Supermarket after.

I headed to the tea shelves the minute I step foot in the store. I was so glad to find English Tea Shop flavours there!!! Golly geez. But didn’t have the Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple. I then decided to get the collection and the Cranberry Vanilla Delight one! I didn’t stop my search there so I looked for the other tea shelf and there I found, My Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple!

I actually spent like a 2 week grocery shopping budget on 3 boxes of tea because I had a hard time deciding and Kyx is anxiously waiting inside the car so I just shoved 3 boxes in my basket. I blame myself for not being able to find the flavor I was looking for instantly that I ended up deciding on a different one then seeing what I actually like. Which then resulted to me–spending way more than I should on tea!!! Please don’t judge me. I am not really an impulsive buyer. I just really love tea and I am so excited to try different flavors from English Tea Shop!

I got the Collection which contained 4 flavors, 5 of each flavors inside the box. 1 box of the Cranberry Vanilla Delight and my favorite Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple! I have tried the Cranberry one and the Apple Rosehip.. I also am drinking now the Spiced Red Fruits flavor from the collection I got. So far, I can’t decide which flavor is my favorite!

Apple Rosehip Raspberry Ripple is still on the number 1 spot while Spiced Red Fruits is 2nd. While I like Cranberry and Vanilla, I can’t decide whether I liked the Cranberry Vanilla Delight flavour. I guess I shall try it again tomorrow.

I gave Rio one teabag from my Cranberry Vanilla Delight and she LOVED IT.

I am still awaiting Vannessa’s verdict about it.

What are your favorite tea flavors? Do let me know!

Also, wait! Another thing that I love about the English Tea Shop teas is that it tastes so good whether it is hot or cold!! You should try it! 😀




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