On Emotional Relationships and whatnot

In The Photo: Kyx was playing something on his tablet while I read Me Before You

And I guess that’s how Sunday played out. In bed doing stuff separately. Enjoying the silence.

Let me tell you about a little something about myself.

I am talkative with my family and friends but in a new group, I don’t warm up very easily. I stay quiet, shy and awkward. Not because I am self-conscious but because I do not want to be in a conversation which I do not like. I don’t know where and when this started but I like to keep to myself most often than not. I am comfortable with my own silence, comfortable with my own peace. I don’t mind if I am alone, I don’t mind it at all. I feel like I can do whatever I want and not depend on people. I can eat alone, walk alone, spend time with myself as much as I’d like without getting bothered. That’s me. Though I wouldn’t consider myself anti-social because I enjoy the company of my family, friends, cousins and a lot of other people close to me. I talk to my friends through email, chat, snpchat, comments and all the other social media platforms that offer communication. I love to hang out with the people I like. But most of the time, I need to be alone. Only because I have a lot of other stuff to do (which I am comfortable doing alone).

My boyfriend, Kyx, enjoys being quiet. He likes to paint and draw and play video games when I am not requiring him about helping me, driving me around, assisting me in grocery shopping and all the other boyfriend stuff he has to do. He does quite a lot for me I must say and that’s what I like about him—he never gets tired helping me when I need help.

We spend time with our friends. Sometimes we hang out with our friends separately, most of the time we hang together. We enjoy discussions and we also let separate one on ones in. Our world is not compressed and cramped out based on each other. Instead, we expand our horizons knowing that we support one another.

The only thing we require from each other is an acceptable working schedule. We both have to have a close to similar working schedule because it is both convenient and practical when we go to work and home together. We basically split the gas and parking fee between the two of us and endure bad traffic together while listening to the radio. We also both require same weekends off (which is just normal in our country cause most jobs here, if not BPO, then we have weekends off). That’s the only thing we require from each other. Other than that, we just let everything roll and we handle it on ways we can!

Our relationship is a simple yet happy one. We love each other’s company yet we don’t need to be cuddling and talking all throughout. We appreciate comfortable silence. Me—doing my thing, and him doing what he likes. We can be both in the same room with different worlds but we don’t mind. I guess that’s what I always wanted from a relationship.

To say the least, Kyx is my best friend. I tell him every single thing under the sun. Concerning me, us or simply one of my random thoughts. He also tells me everything there is to know and I guess that’s what makes our relationship amazing.

We all have different relationships, goals for our future and whatnot. We have different beliefs and views and experiences. We just need to really know what we want, what would us happy and what would make us comfortable for us to be content. I think I know what I want and what makes me happy as far as relationships are concerned and right now, that’s all that matters.

Also, before you say anything about ambitions and future plans, stop. LOL. I was just talking about emotional dilemmas and I have yet to talk about real problems and concerns with partners in my future articles.

Xox, Thea


19 thoughts on “On Emotional Relationships and whatnot

  1. The entire paragraph in which you explained about you is so relatable! I have never been able to put it in words! I am pretty much the same way wow! Thank you for finally putting words to the thoughts!

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  2. Yes! This is what the best relationships are made of. So effortless. I’ve been in some where every little detail of every single day had to be planned out (yeah, that made for some pretty unique and fun dates) but it was exhausting! Just being able to do life with someone is the best. I love this. Especially next to your other post about weeding your friend garden (that’s what by best friend and I call it)

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    • HAHAHAHAHAH OMG! weeding the friend garden is so accurate! 😀 and yes definitely, it gets tiring when you are like conscious all the time and uncertain of how you have to behave when you’re with your partner. It feels so superficial so I am happy at how effortless this relationship i right now. 😀

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  3. Shocks. Akala ko Te hindi nag-e-exist ung ideal relationship ko. Ahihi. but after reading this, wow. just wow. Pero sabi nga, ung fate ng iba hindi mo fate. Well, we’ll see if what kind of relationship is meant for me. (wrong grammar po yata. haha).

    Another shocking one. This post is the continuation of our similarities. 😍😍😍


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