Sunday Morning

Unusually woke up early for a Sunday. I was pretty disappointed as I wanted to wake up a few hours later than I should but then again it was nice to actually wake up early cause I have time for books, movie, painting and blogging!

I might meet up with my friend around here in the village and maybe have a drink or two. Do you have any plans for today? What would it be? (I guess for some it’s Saturday evening already? Or Sunday afternoon? Timezones are making me crazy lol)

I have a couple of things to blog about today but I thought I’d do other stuff first before I publish my articles.

I will watch Fight Club while sipping tea just after posting this, try and finish Me Before You and practice water color later before lunch! How about you? 😀

xox, Thea


9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

    • How was the house cleaning? Was it crazy? I think I’m going to clean my room next week. Like seriously clean it and have stuff rearrange. I’m partly dreading but excited hihi

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      • Im still cleaning! Can you believe it?! And i bet the inspection will last 5 minutes after two days of cleaning. Im determined to own my own place one day! Ooh rearranging creates positive energy! Let me know how you get on

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      • Oh geez! It must be so tiring! Let me know what happens.
        Yea! I hope I don’t get too exhausted with the cleaning and rearranging. Half dreading it already hahaha

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