Nice Saturday!

Slept an hour early last night because I was too damn stressed for Friday. I had to end it the moment I can.

I was planning to wake up a bit later than usual for my Saturday work (I usually wake up at around 7:30 in the morning and leave by 8:00am. I’ll be sure to be at the office before 9:00)

I was planning to prepare 30 minutes later than usual because I feel like there wouldn’t be bad traffic since it is a morning and of course, a weekend. But lo and behold, our maid had to knock at our room around 6 in the morning to get the laundry basket. After opening the door, I cannot sleep anymore. I closed my eyes until it’s time to be up for work. -____-“

Went to the office, ate a chocolate croissant and had .

It was an okay day. I don’t want to talk about work anymore. Just thinking about my office is making me crazy haha.

Kyx (you pronounce that as KICKS) went to my office and picked me up. We headed for lunch. There was bad traffic but it’s all good. I took snapchatting on a whole new level while stuck in traffic! HAH! So we ate Halal Guys for lunch. We couldn’t think of anything else to eat and Kyx didn’t want to think about which Chicken flavour he wanted at Frankie’s so Halal Guys it is. We enjoyed our food (though we didn’t finish it! He serving could be big or we just don’t eat a lot)

After eating, we went and used our free tickets to watch The Conjuring 2. We are not fan of horror films but since there aren’t any marvel films on the theatre now and nothing interests us more, we tried to see what the fuss was all about. It was a bit scary thinking that it happened in real life. The film is bearable and the way they told the story and executed everything seems amazing to me. I enjoyed the film!

We ate ice cream after that. Our favourite Sea Salt Caramel at Merry Moo!

I tried looking for my L’Oreal serum, Tea to try and a couple of biscuits I wanted at the grocery store BUT EVERYTHING ISN’T THERE OH MY GOD. HOW FRUSTRATING.

Went home, fixed our room a bit and now I am blogging!

I have a makeshift blogging table now and I love it so far. Now I am off to finish my tea, probably try to paint several geeky stuff and read Me Before You. I am halfway through it and I don’t want to finish it yet BUT I want to finish it before the movie comes out (in case there would be spoilers on the internet, which would highly be VERY POSSIBLE) so maybe I shall finish it tonight!

How was/is your Saturday? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Xox, Thea


6 thoughts on “Nice Saturday!

    • My sunday was unimaginably unproductive. I liked it though. However, I feel like I missed a day or something so I wouldn’t probably be as lazy as I was. Haha cheers! Xox, Thea

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  1. Haha, naka-relate ako dun sa binasa mo po muna ung book na MBY. Haha. Ganun din ung ginawa ko po eh. Pinilit ko talagang tapusin a day before na mag-showing. Kasi hindi ako sumama sa mga officemate ko nun na manuod. Oha, edi relate pa din sa chikahan kinabukasan. Akala nila sila lang ang pinaiyak ni Will. Haha. 😀


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