Life Happens The Way It Should

Have you ever thought about why you’re living the kind of life you have right now? Like would it have played out differently had you made other choices and decisions?

I have always tried thinking several could have beens but I just can’t convince myself. I mean I am always happy with whatever I have and whatever had happened to me. I guess in all experiences, good and bad, I have learned so much and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always think about life lessons and what I earned spiritually in all situations I have been in.

I am not talking about being all positive about everything but it helps. It pays to try and look for the brighter things than dwell on the bad ones.

Sure there were times that I felt like the universe is pitting against me. I am confused more than I wasn’t. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to be, where I wanted to be. I am always debating about simple things, weighing the pros and cons. I think about a lot of stuff. I may have been overthinking most of the time. So just imagine the negativity I have been in. But I didn’t let it get me.

I am a believer that life happens the way it should. Your decisions and choices (may it be stupid or smart choices), it would still end up to what you are experiencing right now. You may not be in the best situation right now, no. But you can always make your way out! There may be lots of detours but you’ll get by! You’ll learn from anything and everything. You just have to look at it a different way from your first try.

You may have a different belief as to mine, but I guess our beliefs are based on our life experiences and how we were exposed to different things.




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