What Would You Have Done If You Were In My Position?

Lunch time and I didn’t have my usual vegetable spring roll (lumpiang sariwa) that I buy before heading to work. After a very stressful morning, I wasn’t that hungry for lunch but I feel like I need to eat because I wouldn’t want to gain any more weight for not eating (yes, they say when you don’t eat, you gain more weight because your metabolism slows down blah blah blah). So I was staring at 2 food choices I have. I am debating whether to have KFC delivery or Recovery Food delivery. Since I wasn’t hungry, I felt like I didn’t crave for anything. I spent a good 30 minutes just dissecting the pros and cons of my lunch choice. I finally decided to go to Recovery Food near my office. It’s a good 2 minute walk and I feel like I could use some walking exercise. I even prepared my small umbrella just in case it would rain while I was out.

The moment I reached ground floor, I headed to Toby’s Estate to get a chocolate chip cookie (don’t roll your eyes. I know I am on a diet but.. well..) I was giving my 200 peso bill to the cashier but he is taking too long to reach out as he was fixing his plastic glove whatsoever. Then I felt like I needed to help him and save him the trouble so I placed my 200 peso bill back to my wallet and fished out the 100 peso bill which I then handed to the cashier. After that, instead of crossing the street near the restaurant, I chose to cross the street where there is a traffic light for pedestrians. Munched on my cookie while I walk. Then suddenly, there was a man in front of me trying to talk to me. I didn’t hear what he said at first so I asked him to repeat it for me. He said this in English okay. He said “I lost my iphone 6 and my wallet. Please, if you have spare, I really need to go home” He is basically asking me for money. I examined him a couple of times and he seemed legit lost and confused and he looked like he had been walking for a long time already. He didn’t look poor, he didn’t look rich. He can speak well and I felt like he must really be lost?! I told him I don’t have anything but my 200 pesos which I gave him instantly. (Yes. Oh my god I did give him my money). Of course I have a few more bills but I didn’t want him to have the impression that I have loads of money. He eventually took it and said thanks and God bless and whatnot. I headed to Recovery Food. Ordered food. Stayed there and evaluated what just happened.

I felt stupid for giving him a whole 200 pesos because first, I don’t have a lot of money and 200 pesos would be good for me for 2 days. 2 DAYS! (and I handed it freely to a stranger in need)

Second, I could have given him a 100 peso bill but I feel like he couldn’t go home with just a hundred so I instantly thought of myself being stuck somewhere without a single peso inside my pocket.

I feel like everything really happened because I am meant to give a stranger more than what he needed. Although I feel really bad because he might have been fooling me and other people into giving him money. Who knows?!

But then again, I remembered what my mom told me. If a person asks for something, whether you think it is true or not, try to help. Because at the end of the day, you are the good person and not the one who fooled many people. My mom said that we shouldn’t care if it is true or not, the only thing we should care about when in a situation like this is how we can help.

If you were in my position, what would you have done? Do you think it was stupid of me to help? If you are in Manila, do you think it is some budol-budol gang?

Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!


12 thoughts on “What Would You Have Done If You Were In My Position?

    • I wish I didn’t give him the whole 200 bill. :/ I feel bad that I might have been fooled. However, if he was lying and he thought he could getaway with it, karma will just probably hit him. The good will be blessed 😀 haha

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  1. Ate, may iba akong meaning sa pangalan ni Koya. Haha. LOLs.

    Marami ngang ganyan sa Manila. Buti na lang wala pa akong na-e-experience. Tinatakbuhan ko kaagad. Ay lakad-takbo pala. Masyadong obvious kapag takbo. 😀 😀


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